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     E-mail us only at these e-mail addresses



  We have opened up our domain name ( for use as an e-mail address domain by our clients. Our clients can, therefore, open e-mail accounts with addresses, such as

  In view of this, we need to place a list of our company's authorised e-mail addresses here so that no persons may be allowed an opportunity to misrepresent themselves as members of our company by using e-mail addresses with the domain name

  You are requested to exercise extreme caution when communicating with anyone purporting to represent Please e-mail us at when you are in doubt.


Here are the authorised e-mail addresses used by



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When contacting us by e-mail, please remember our Singapore time may be different from your time zone and it may be the wee hours of the morning over here in Singapore though its bright afternoon over at your end. We do not have 24-hour stand-by staff so we will revert to you as soon as we wake up from our slumber.