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     Immigration - Seeking Employment

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      Frequently Asked Questions


Q : "I am a professional/specialist. Which Singapore agency should I write to if I wish to seek employment in Singapore?"
A : You may wish to look at our Contact Singapore website on Working in Singapore and Frequently Asked Questions on Employment for detailed information. You may also wish to get in touch with our Contact Singapore Centres overseas or write directly to:

International Manpower Division
Singapore Economic Development Board.
250 North Bridge Road
#24-00 Raffles City Tower
Singapore 179101
Tel: 3362288
Fax: 3396077

Q : "Is it possible to help me look for accommodation in Singapore?"
A : Yes. The Scheme for Housing of Foreign Talent (SHIFT) is designed to meet the short-term housing needs of foreign professionals living in Singapore. Under SHIFT, you may rent Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats at commercial rates. Contact Singapore can help you to apply for housing under SHIFT, provide you with more details on SHIFT, or general information on living in Singapore.
Q : "How can I find out about the employment opportunities in Singapore?"
A : You may wish to surf the Contact Singapore website Getting a Job as well as refer to the Job Bulletin Board in this website.
Q : "How can I find out more about terms & conditions of employment in Singapore?"
A : You can look up the Ministry of Manpower’s homepage for a list of common questions on terms & conditions of employment in Singapore. Click here for the Ministry of Manpower Homepage.
Q : "How can I find out more about companies and other employment organisations in Singapore?"
A : You can obtain information on company profiles, background and career opportunities in both the public and private sector at the Contact Singapore Homepage on Company Profile.
Q : "I am a foreigner who used to work in Singapore. I have now returned to my own country. How can I apply to withdraw my CPF contributions?"
A : If you have left Singapore and West Malaysia permanently and have no intention of returning for further employment or residence, you may apply for the withdrawal of your CPF savings.

To do so, you have to complete the CPF Withdrawal form (CPF-LM) and return it to CPF. You can make your request for the form via the internet at the CPF Homepage. For details of the application, you may wish to contact CPF at

Q : "How can I get information on the health care system in Singapore?"
A : Information on 'Overview of Singapore Health Care System' and 'Medical Financing System in Singapore' can be found at the Ministry of Health Homepage. To visit the site, please click here. For general information, you may also wish to visit the Contact Singapore Homepage on Health Care in Singapore.
Q : "How to I know if my degree from overseas is accepted for employment in Singapore?"
A : Acceptance of qualifications for employment is determined by the respective employers. There is no government authority in Singapore which accesses or grants recognition to degrees awarded by overseas universities.For more details, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on Qualifications of the Civil Service Career Homepage.


Q : "Does the Singapore Civil Service accepts overseas university qualifications for graduate appointments?"
A : For the purpose of employment in the Civil Service, the Public Service Division will accept an overseas degree as long as it is recognised or accredited by its home government. In the case of a professional qualification, it must also be acceptable for registration by the relevant professional bodies in Singapore. For more details, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on Qualifications of the Civil Service Career Homepage.

Courtesy of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

     News Snippets



New personalised employment pass not tied to any employer

The Ministry of Manpower will introduce a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) from 1 January 2007 to help us better attract and retain global talent...

The PEP allows the holder to remain in Singapore for up to six months in between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities. This helps us to retain selected global talent who would otherwise have to leave Singapore...

The PEP will be issued only once with a validity of 5 years. It will be nonrenewable. A PEP holder will retain the dependant privileges of his original EP type and the minimum annual basic salary requirement of S$30,000 will continue to apply throughout the 5-year duration...



Retrenchment & re-employment 2005

Amid favourable economic conditions, the incidence of retrenchment dropped to a twelve-year low in 2005...

The incidence of retrenchment for professionals, managers, executives & technicians (PMETs) dropped to an eight-year low of 8.0 per 1,000 and a thirteen-year low of 4.8 per 1,000 for clerical, sales & service workers...

In 2005, on average 61% of local2 retrenched workers found re-employment within 6 months of their retrenchment, slightly higher than 59% in 2004. The improvement was more pronounced for the better educated workers...



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     - Minimum age for maids to go up to 23 in 2005


Age limit for maids to be raised

The minimum age for maids here will soon be raised from 18 years. Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen yesterday hinted that the new minimum age would fall between 18 and 25. The proposed changes will not affect maids already working here.

Source: Straits Times 30 Aug 2004 (H1)

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  Employers will have to make do with fewer foreign construction workers from June 2001. All building, upgrading and civil-engineering projects will be affected by the ruling unless the number of foreign workers needed for these projects have already been approved. The number of foreign workers permitted for the construction industry has been tightened by 5%, compared to last year. (Straits Times 5 Apr 2001)