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     Postal Services



     Speed Post

     P.O. Box

     Money Order

     Postal Order

     Bank Draft

     Mail Redirect

      Local Urgent Delivery

      Traveller's Cheque



SAM (Self-Service Automated Machine)

weighs letters & dispenses stamps

accepts coins & NETS

Beware! NO CHANGE GIVEN, Only more stamps

24-hour locations

     Post Office:

     Singapore Post Pte Ltd

     Tel: (65) 6841 2000

     Web site: 

     General postal enquiries: (65) 1605

     Postal Code Helpline: 1800 842 7678  Besides billing, vPost currently also provides for online shopping from from USA and Japanese merchant websites, where purchases items can be consolidated and delivered to the userís Singapore address. With this service, items can be purchased from sites that do not accept International Orders.