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   - LTA to administer bus lane offences from 1 Feb 2006

   - Pay half-hourly rates for night parking at HDB/URA carparks

   - New speed limits for 55 roads in southern Singapore

  Getting Around on public transport

  Buying a new or used car

  Car Loan Interest Rates

  New car prices

  Top Ten Sellers

  Used car prices

  Car Licence Plates - Registration Dates

  Motorcycles/Scooters: New

  Motorcycles/Scooters: Used

  Motorised bicycles & riders

  Speed limits on Singapore roads

  Current Petrol Prices



  Co-Operative Cars ... use a shared car

  Vehicle Classified Ads

  Vehicle Insurance

  Vehicle Inspection ... compulsory, IUs

  Common Driving Offences & prescribed punishment

  Roads where police speed camera may be deployed

  Search traffic offences - by driver

  Search traffic offences - by local-registered vehicle

  Search traffic offences - by foreign-registered vehicle

  Search Malaysian Traffic Fines - check & pay fines

  Street Directories & Guides

  Driving Schools/Centres

  In Case Of Accidents

  Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices

  ERP Rates for Cars

  Carpark Charges

  Clearance of Travellers through Customs

     - Red and Green Channels for customs clearance

  Vehicle Entry Permit.. driving a Malaysian-registered car?

  Conversion of foreign driving licence

  Online Websites

  Singapore Websites


      Malaysia & Singapore Vintage Car Register

           129 Duchess Ave Singapore 269160

      Motor Traders Association

           253 Alexandra Road Level 3 (Lobby 4) Singapore 159936

       Motor Industry Certification Board (Singapore)

           385 Sin Ming Drive Singapore 575718

     Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS): Tel: 6737 2444

     AAS 24-hour Emergency Road Service: Tel: 6748 9911

     ERP Hotline:  Tel: 1800 553 5226

     Traffic Watch: Tel: 1800 222 2233

     LTA: Tel: 1800 225 5582 (report traffic light problems, COE, ERP, etc)

     Traffic Police: Tel: 6547 0000

     Ambulance:    Tel: 995    Ambulance (non-emergency) Tel: 1777

     Fire Brigade:  Tel: 995