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     Vehicles - Carpark Charges

      Carpark Charges


Central Business District (CBD):

Privately-operated Carparks:

  -  First hour:                   S$2.00*

  -  Subsequent half-hour:  S$1.00*

  -  After 5pm:                   S$2.00*

  -  Sunday/public holiday: S$2.00*

Public Carparks (coupon parking)*:

  - Each half-hour:             S$1.00 or

  - Overnight parking:         S$2.00

*Carpark lots marked with yellow lines

Other Areas:

  - First hour:                    S$2.00*

  - Subsquent half-hour:     S$1.00*

  - After 5pm:                    S$2.00*

  - Sunday/public holiday:  S$2.00 per entry*

Public Carparks (coupon parking)*:

  - Each half-hour:             S$0.50

  - Overnight parking:         S$2.00

*Carpark lots marked with white lines


*Please note that the aforementioned charges for privately-operated carparks vary from carpark to carpark. For example, at Suntec City, carpark charges are S$2 (maximum) per entry for Saturday, Sunday & public holidays. Also, the latest changes in rates may not be updated here yet.

     News Snippets

     - Pay half-hourly rates for night parking at HDB/URA carparks

     - HDB & URA outsource car park enforcement services from 1 Aug 2005



  Parking charges at carparks in various shopping centres and office buildings are likely to go up by as much as 20 cents per hour by early next year. Three of the four big private carpark operators here have said charges may have to go up when the Goods and Services Tax is increased by two percentage points in January 2003. Together, these four private operators - Wilson Parking, Premas International, Elite Parking and Top Parking - manage 29,000 lots in over 150 carparks around the island. (Straits Times 24 Jun 2002) (H1)

  The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) building opposite Tanglin Mall has become the first here to use Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) technology to deduct parking charges automatically at its carpark. There are no overhead gantries, only an antenna at the carpark entrance to communicate with a vehicle's in-vehicle unit. When the driver leaves the carpark, another antenna records the time and the parking charge is deducted automatically from the driver's CashCard. (Straits Times 8 Jun 2002) (H3)

  From Sept 2002, hourly parking charges for cars will be increased from 90 cents to S$1 per half- hour in the Restricted Zone and from 45 cents to 50 cents per half-hour outside the Restricted Zone. Residential season parking charges for cars will rise from S$75 to S$90 for sheltered lots, from S$55 to S$65 for surface lots and from S$65 to S$75 for lots in upgraded and selected precincts. Commercial season parking fees will be increased to S$140-S$180 in the Restricted Zone and S$80-S$140 outside the Restricted Zone. (Straits Times 4 May 2002) (Budget 2002 - 4)



    Land Transport Authority

    ERP Hotline:  Tel. (65) 1800 - 553 5226