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Spotted in 2002

Spotted on 27 Jan 2002

Spotted on 21 Aug 2001




Police nab Internet trickster selling car parts and accessories

"The culprit lured unsuspecting car enthusiasts in an online motoring forum into parting with their money by claiming that he was able to get bulk discounts on car parts and accessories.

"The victims would place orders with the culprit and make payment electronically. However, the victims never received their goods. When the victims discovered that they had been cheated, the culprit taunted them to catch him if they could..."


     - US President’s Visit to Singapore


     - Stricter smoke test for diesel vehicles from 1 January 2007

     - NETS launches debit card payment service for the taxi market


IBM to build smartcard e-payment infrastructure for MRT network

"The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded to IBM the contract to build the core backend technology infrastructure for LTA’s next-generation smart card e-payment system – Symphony for e-payment (e-Symphony)...

"The high-performance and high-speed backend infrastructure is expected to double the present capacity and will be capable of handling about 10 million financial transactions per day..."



Mediacorp Subaru WRX Challenge 2006

"To participate, you have to undergo two qualifying rounds. For the First Qualifying Round, you have to call in during the qualifying period (18 September 2006 – 20 October 2006) to any of the three radio stations when you hear the ‘invitation to call’..."


     - Bus and train fares to increase by between 1 and 3 cents

     - North East Line resumes normal operation after partial stoppage on 24 Jul 2006

     - SMRT taxi fares to go up from 17 July 2006


     - Singapore's first wheelchair-accessible buses launched

     - Age limit for taxi drivers to be raised to 73 years



Thaipusam Festival 2006

10th February 2006 at 6 pm (Friday) to 12th February 2006 at 2 am (Sunday)

There will be a religious foot procession comprising about 20,000 devotees carrying kavadis and their supporters between 12 midnight on Friday, 10th February 2006 and 12 midnight, on Saturday, 11th February 2006.


     - LTA to administer bus lane offences from 1 Feb 2006

     - New speed limits for 65 roads in Western Singapore


     - Pay half-hourly rates for night parking at HDB/URA carparks

     - Buangkok MRT Station to open in January 2006


     - New speed limits for 55 roads in southern Singapore from 1 Nov 2005


2nd reading of Public Transport Council (Amendment) Bill 2005

"The 2 PTOs estimate that fare evasion on buses occurs on about 1.8% of passenger trips. Even though this figure may appear to be low, we should not condone fare evasion. Otherwise, the majority of commuters who pay the correct fares will be subsidizing the small minority who abuse concession passes, avoid paying or intentionally underpay fares.

"Hence, to provide greater deterrence against fare evasion, the PTC will be introducing a penalty fee of $20 for the underpayment and non-payment of fares; and $50 for the abuse of fare concessions..."



Bicycle thefts in Singapore

"The number of cases of bicycle theft averaged around 400 cases a year from 2000 to 2004. In the first half of this year, 435 cases were reported...

"In 2004, 9 out of 10 bicycles stolen in public places were not secured at designated bicycle bays. Instead, the vast majority of those stolen were secured to lamp posts, railings and pipes..."



        - New speed limits for 27 roads in the northeast

     - Evening ERP on northbound CTE from 1 Aug 2005

     - HDB & URA outsource car park enforcement services from1 Aug 2005


      - PTC approves tiered increase in bus & train fares

     - New 10 VEP-free days scheme & shorter VEP operating hours

     - Computerised Theory Test to start in June 2005: Traffic Police

     - New speed limits for 43 roads from 1 Apr 2005

     - Singapore Road Traffic Situation in 2004

     - Singapore Taxis - Quality of Service Standards 4Qtr 2004

     - Foreign Vehicle Entry Permit operating hours shortened from 4 Feb 05

     - New vehicle registration & licensing scheme by 2006


Changes to Vehicle Entry Permit scheme for visitors from 6 Dec 2004

Reduction in VEP fees from S$30 to S$20 a day for foreign motorists driving foreign-registered cars into Singapore.
Reduction in the VEP operating hours on weekdays for the 6 December to 31 December 2004 period. The VEP will end at 12.00 noon instead of 7.00 pm.
Reduction in the fixed priced ERP charges from S$10 to S$5 a day, for visiting motorists who choose to use ERP-priced roads during ERP operating hours but do not have In-Vehicle Units (IUs) in their cars.
The normal toll charges for foreign-registered cars will still apply.



Mediacorp Radio Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2004

30 Oct 2004

Qualifying Period: 27 Sep - 22 Oct 2004

     - Enhanced safety requirements for motorised bicycles & riders


Woman cabby found dead in her cab

A woman taxi-driver was found dead in her taxi in Pioneer Sector Walk, a deserted road in Tuas early yesterday morning. This is the third cabby murdered in the last four years.

Source: Straits Times 30 Sep 2004 (3)


Safety at MRT and LRT stations

"Despite the various safety measures in place, there have been more than 220 cases, where commuters were found trespassing on the tracks at above-ground MRT and LRT stations, between 1991 and 15 September 2004.

"Eighty-seven percent of such cases were non-accidental acts, which involved commuters jumping onto the tracks to retrieve personal items, walking, running or taking short cuts to another platform, and acts of suicide....."



New Class 3A licence for drivers of auto cars

From 1 Jan 2005, motorists can take driving tests using automatic cars and qualify to drive automatic cars with a new Class 3A driving licence. Class 3A licence holders cannot drive manual cars, but Class 3 licence holders can drive both cars.

Source: Straits Times 2 Sep 2004 (3)



New rules for new petrol kiosks

New guidelines dated 10 Jul 2004 from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) require new petrol kiosks to be sited at least 50m away from residential buildings. The kiosks must be no closer than 90m from malls and town centres. 

Source: Straits Times 26 Jul 2004 (3)

     - BP to sell its retail and LPG business to SPC


Rules tightened for transfer of vehicles

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has tightened the transfer procedures for vehicles to include requiring a person handing in a transfer application to produce his identity card or passport. In addition, letters from both the buyer and seller authorising the person to do the transfer must be produced. The move comes in the wake of a recent spate of fraudulent transfers.

Straits Times 6 Jul 2004 (H1)


MRT employee jailed for bomb scare

Mohamed Ansari, 33, a customer service officer with SBS Transit, was yesterday jailed for 3˝ years for leaving a bomb hoax box on a North-East MRT train on 15 Apr 2004. He is the third hoaxer convicted under the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations of 2001.

Source: Straits Times 22 Jun 2004 (3)


More injuries and deaths from road accidents this year

Excerpt from speech by Associate Prof. Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, on 12 Jun 2004

The traffic situation in the first quarter this year saw a 1.3 per cent increase in the overall number of road accidents resulting in injury or death, 22 more than the 1,700 accidents in the same period last year.

Motorcyclists and their pillion riders remain the most vulnerable group of road users this year. This group continues to account for 49 per cent of the total road accident fatalities.

In terms of the actual number of fatalities, a total of 29 motorcyclists and pillion riders were killed in the first quarter of 2004, an increase of 16 per cent as compared with the same period last year.

Pedestrians, the other vulnerable road user group, accounted for 27 per cent of the total accident fatalities in the first quarter of 2004. While this is a 5 per cent improvement as compared to the same period in 2003, the proportion of pedestrians in total accident fatalities, in particular elderly pedestrians, remain a concern. About one in two pedestrians killed is aged sixty years old and above.

Source: Singapore Government Press Release 12 Jun 2004

     - Online search for outstanding traffic offences

     - Road tax renewal at 42 selected post offices

     - One.Motoring & Smart.Traffic portals merge on 9 May 2004

     - Part of Nicoll Highway collapses; 2 killed & 1 missing

     - Owners need not register new vehicles to retain old registration numbers

     - Notice to CashCard holders - end of 5-year validity period

     - Foreign-registered cars need not have in-vehicle unit from Sep 2003



Premier Taxi - Singapore's third new cab company - takes to the streets on 1 Mar 2004 with 50 taxis. The cabs, in metallic silver, have air purifiers and ionisers. (Straits Times 17 Feb 2004) (H1)