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Adding A Link Here Is No Longer FREE!

  In the course of running this website, we have yet to make money to cover our overhead costs. We have mulled over charging a subscription fee for access to our website's information but have decided against implementing this change.

  Why? Simply because we continue to believe information is to be provided free to our visitors.

  So, we have decided to charge only for Adding A Link* to our website. This way, visitors to our website are not inconvenienced by having to pay a fee, and at the same time, we can use the fees charged to pay for our overhead costs, such as Web hosting and Internet charges.

  Getforme Singapore now charges a one-time payment of US$200. This new fee is valid from 1 Jan 2006.

  What you need to do is:

   Step 1. Complete the Adding A Link form: FORM.

   Step 2. Use PAYPAL to pay us. Click HERE!

   Once we have received the money, we will place a link to all relevant sections on our Web site and thereafter inform you via e-mail. No action will be taken if payment is not made.

   Thank you.


   1 Aug 2005

Please note that we do not exchange links.

With effect from 1 Oct 2005, we no longer accept cheque payments.

*Only 1 (one) link may be placed. Additional links in the same listing will attract a one-time fee of USD100.00 per link.