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     Internet Stuff: Auction Web sites  is a reverse auction site.  For jobs, properties, shopping, food and auctions. where you can add your name to a buying list without being obliged to buy. Choose from categories, such as audio & video, computers or vehicles. Free local delivery! Also has a reverse auction section. lets you sell your car online.  Join their Reverse Auction by searching for a product or service that you are looking to purchase. Then join their Buy-Club and key in your offer price to buy the item. Next, watch as sellers bid down the price. The lowest bid from a seller will be the price you can choose to buy. You will be notified by e-mail once that happens. You remain anonymous until you choose to confirm the purchase. Condo Property Listings, Service Providers & Reverse Auctions for the Singapore market.  has opened for business. It is one of five eBay online marketplaces in Asia. lets corporate buyers, freelancers and service providers request for tenders, instead of sellers asking for bids. A reverse auction site.  Bid for used cars in Singapore online. All cars are certified and graded by local STA Inspection to ensure peace of mind for both buyer and seller. For the buyer, there's no third party commission.  A website which has an auction mall, shopping plaza and more. is an online and procurement solutions service provider is an e-auction website specialising in IT equipment and accessories. is an auction and eshopping website. offers auction services for used cars. Sellers and buyers can log on to the website and register to participate. Those of you who wish to rent cars can register your booking dates through it. The rental cars are provided by Prime Leasing Car Rental. You can also look up car repair workshops, financing, and insurance.  Gives you the chance to bid for what you wish to get in Singapore or Malaysia, instead of buying it off the counter. This website also lets you buy cars put up for sale in their classified section. Sellers can register for a classified advertisement with them online- conditions apply.  Moreover, you can look through their pages for different categories of properties which you may be interested in. There's even pictures for some items so that you can see what you are buying/renting. The website puts you directly in touch with the sellers/renters of the properties.

    YAYA.COM.SG  A new lifestyle website. It has The Reading Mall in which you can find information on 12 areas of interest: fashion, looks, body, sex & relationships, decorations, travel, bridal, great chefs, stars, wheels, medical and features. It takes quite a while for their pages to load as they have all sorts of fancy gadgets embedded. By the way, they have an auction mall, and a shopping city in the offing.

     Yellow Pages Commerce Bid Online  where you can register your name and then bid for the items you want to buy. Items on sale range from organisers, VCD players, gas cookers and cameras to handphones.  lets you tender out your services or your procurement needs.




  The Community Chest and Land Transport Authority (LTA) are auctioning off 3,400 black-and-white street signs to raise money for charity. Bidders can register their bids at The auction closes on 30 April 2003. (Straits Times 6 Apr 2003)(24)




  Spink of Southhamton Row London went under the hammer in March to a group of Singapore-based investors, including Goldman Sachs investment banker John KOH and property developer and avid collector Daniel TEO. It was previously owned by London auction house Christie's. (Straits Times 10 Jun 2002)