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     Websites is your portal to dating sites, matchmaking, introduction services, marriage agencies, dating advice, singles travel, dating message boards & much more. They cut to the chase bringing you quality dating sites not affiliate sites for a few programs. is an international personals for dating, friendship, matchmaking, relationships and romance. You can search and browse thousands of profiles from around the world. Over 10,000 profiles from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on view. is local Social Development Unit's (SDU) website for singles in search of love. Launched on 3 Dec 2001. Features interactive webchats for members. is a Singapore online dating site. Exclusively made for the busy individual. Free trial.  Adult Friend Finder is the largest adult personals and swingers directory with over 10,000,000 registered members with thousands of sexy photographs. It's free and anonymous to join.


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198 Singaporeans infected with HIV in first 10 months of 2005

"This brings the total number of HIV infected Singaporeans including 25 children to 2584 as of Oct 2005. Of these, 999 are asymptomatic carriers, 631 have full-blown AIDS and 954 have died.
"Heterosexual transmission has been the most common mode of HIV transmission among Singaporeans since 1991. Most of these cases contracted the infection through casual sex and sex with prostitutes in Singapore and overseas..."



     - Deliveries in Singapore: 2001 - 2003

     - New cases of HIV infection reported in first half 2004


SDU successfully matches 4,050 members

Matchmaker Social Development Unit (SDU) married off 4,050 of its 26,000 members in 2003, up from 2,789 in 1999. Since its founding in 1984, SDU has successfully matched 34,000 members.

Source: Straits Times 25 Aug 2004 (1)

     - Statistics on Divorces 2003

     - Statistics on Marriages 2003



Scientists working for the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, have discovered evidence that points to oral sex being a cause of mouth cancer. They studied more than 1,600 mouth-cancer patients from Europe, Canada, Australia, Cuba, and the Sudan, and more than 1,700 healthy people. The researchers think oral sex performed on men and women could infect people's mouths. (Straits Times 26 Feb 2004) (3) 


     - MOE & MCDS offer complimentary SDU membership



  From July, members of the Social Development Unit's (SDU) Choice Match dating service will be able to surf a special website for their perfect partner and meet them for a S$10 fee. The new website,, will have brief details of men and women on the market for a spouse. There is no limit to how many people they can choose, but the other party must consent before they meet. In the last 10 years, the SDU's dating service has notched up 117 weddings. (Straits Times 28 May 2002) (H4)

  Some 20,000 copies of the Social Development Unit's (SDU) dating guide, When Boys Meets Girl - The Chemistry Guide, have been printed and distributed to its members and also to singles working in the public sector. If offers practical tips and ideas on how to plan the perfect outing. (Sunday Times 5 May 2002) (23) 

  The price of roses is expected to be lower this Valentine's Day compared to last year because lovebirds are smarting from the economic blow, florists said. Some florists, such as Prince, are offering walk-in customers 12 roses for S$15 to S$20. 7-Eleven is offering about 1,000 roses at 22 of its stores located downtown at S$6.50 each stalk, which comes wrapped with baby's breath. Last year's price was S$10. (Straits Times 11 Feb 2002) (H1)

  The auspicious 02-02-02 date yesterday attracted 300 couples, four times the usual number, to register their marriages that day. (Straits Times 3 Feb 2002)(3)


  About one in six of the 5,000-odd divorces last year was between couples married for more than 20 years. This is an increase from 15 per cent of the divorces in 1995 to 17 per cent last year, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics' Yearbook 2000 report on marriages and divorces. Last year, women filed for 64 per cent of the divorces. There were also fewer marriages. The number of weddings plunged about 12 per cent. There were 22,000 last year, compared to 25,000 the year before. Men and women continue to marry later with the average ages for grooms at 30 and brides at 27. In 1970, men generally tied the knot at 28, and women at 24. (Straits Times 17 Dec 2001)(H3)

  London: The London Sunday Times has reported that an increasing number of women are resorting to "renting" wombs for reasons of time pressure and vanity, with clinics in Britain and the US being asked to provide the service.  Business executives, actresses, athletes and models are among those opting for social surrogacy. They cite career pressure, the pain of childbirth and the prospect of stretch-marks as the main reasons for avoiding pregnancy. Los Angeles-based Egg Donation And Surrogacy Programme said that 5 to 10 per cent of surrogacy requests were for social rather than medical reasons. Nearly half of those were from men who did not want their wives to undergo the physical endurance of pregnancy, it added. (The Straits Times 10 Jul 2001) (8) 

  A Straits Times survey aimed at discovering Singaporeans' attitudes towards dating, marriage and family revealed that seven out of 10 people have no problems with wives initiating sex. Seven out of 10 among the 400 married people surveyed said they would not kiss or hug their spouses in public. A third of the respondents said they were too shy to do so. Only 15% of women said they would report forced sex with their husbands to the police. Eight in 10 said they would prefer to have two or more children. The survey, commissioned by The Straits Times, was carried out between 16 and 22 May 2001. (Straits Times 6 Jul 2001) (H6)

  A survey commissioned by The Straits Times and done by the Marketing, Planning and Development (Research) division of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) found that only about half of the 629 men and women aged 15 and above polled said they would date someone of another race, and fewer said they would get hitched to such a person. Those who were most receptive to marrying outside their race tend to be younger, under 35 years old; from a minority group, mainly the Indians; and better educated, holding at least a diploma. Two-thirds are willing to date someone from a different religion, and half would marry them too. More than two-thirds said they had no qualms about taking a non-virgin as a mate. But more than seven out of 10 said they would reject smokers and those who drink as a prospective partner. The survey, carried out between 16 and 22 May 2001, was done to find out male and female Singaporeans' attitudes towards dating, marriage and family. (Straits Times 5 Jul 2001) (H1)

  New York: Sexual attraction lies in the movement of a woman's eyebrow and the natural smell of a man, according to two studies presented at the American Psychological Society's annual conference. Men see a raised eyebrow as a strong indication of interest, The Independent reported. Women are more impressed by a man's odour and cite a healthy streak of ambition as a big factor behind desire. Professor Rachel Herz, of Brown University, New York, used a group of 231 heterosexual college students to compare what men and women look for when selecting a mate. (Straits Times 20 Jun 2001)

  London: Women these days appear to prefer to be wooed with gadgets. A survey by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire has found that the way to a girl's heart is not red roses or a gift-wrapped box of chocolates, but the latest mobile telephone, DVD player or palmtop computer. The researchers wired up hundreds of boys and girls and men and women to a machine called a psycho-galvanometer and then arousal ratings were recorded in units of EDA or electro dermal activity. (Straits Times 1 Jun 2001)

  Last year, more than 5,100 people remarried, up from 3,100 in 1990. More men than women are doing so. Last year, 2,700 men remarried, an increase of 58% from 1990, when only 1,700 of them did so. The number of divorced women who married again rose from 1,400 to 2,400, an increase of 71%. These figures are from the April issue of the Singapore Department of Statistics newsletter. In the last decade, a total of 46,900 divorcees tied the knot. (Straits Times 23 May 2001)