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Local News



New restrictions for hand-carry luggage on flights departing Singapore

"Singapore will be implementing new aviation security measures for hand-carry luggage on flights departing Singapore from 8 May 2007 (Tuesday), 1200hrs..."



Impact of the two Integrated Resorts in 2010

"Together with the two IRs, these will help us achieve our target to attract 17 million visitors and generate S$30 billion in tourism receipts by the year 2015...

"In terms of manpower, the two IRs combined are expected to create some 50,000 to 60,000 additional jobs throughout the economy when both are fully operational..."



Spam Control Bill 2007 passed

"Part I of the Bill defines spam. A message is “spam” when it is an unsolicited commercial electronic message sent more than 100 times, with the same or similar subject-matter, during a 24-hour period, or more than 1,000 times during a 30-day period, or more than 10,000 times during a one-year period...

"An opt-out approach is adopted under the Bill as it balances the need of companies and marketers to send unsolicited messages for business reasons...

"In order to balance between consumer interests and industry needs the Bill will require that each message contains a valid unsubscribe facility, an ‘<ADV>’ label to mark it out as an advertisement, accurate header information or subject titles and functional contact details of the sender...

"The unsubscribe process has been structured to be consumer-friendly so that even individuals who receive small volumes of spam have a means of recourse, without resorting to legal action. The Bill makes it mandatory for senders to allow recipients to unsubscribe via the same medium through which the spam was received. This ensures that unsubscribing from spam can be done easily and conveniently by replying to an email or SMS..."



Man to be charged for importing pellet guns

"When asked, the man did not declare any items. Subsequent screening revealed images that appeared to be guns within his baggage. A physical check of his check-in carton revealed 20 sets of pellet guns and 5 bottles of pellets. He was subsequently detained for investigation.

"Police investigated a total of 38 cases involving airsoft guns in 2006. Since the beginning of this year (2007), Police have investigated 21 such cases. Most of these airsoft guns were detected at the airport and other checkpoints, as well as the Singapore Post Centre..."



Pre-bookings for flights on Singapore Flyer

"Fly high for the best view of Singapore for the affordable price of just $29.50! Singaporeans can now snap up the experience of a life-time on the Asia's latest world-class iconic attraction - the Singapore Flyer - at a fraction of the price of tickets on other observation wheels around the world...

"The iconic landmark attraction is set to usher in 2008 with a big bang when operations take flight early 1st quarter..."



Changes to Bus Lane Scheme from 1 April 2007



Existing Operation Hours

New Operation Hours

Mondays to Fridays

7.30am to 9.30am

7.30am to 9.30am
(No Change)  

4.30pm to 7.00pm

5.00pm to 8.00pm



7.30am to 9.30am

No Longer Applicable

11.30am to 2.00pm

Indicated by a continuous yellow line



$30-million Songs of the Sea opens on Sentosa

"The attraction will run two shows every night, 365 days a year. The open-air styled viewing gallery can comfortably seat 2,500 visitors. Each show lasts 25 minutes..."



National Piano & Violin Competition 2007

"Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), the competition serves as a valuable platform to nurture and showcase young musicians in Singapore. NAC is now inviting participation in the prestigious event to be held from 5 to 15 December 2007...
"Registration for the Competition is now open. Applications close on 6pm, 31 August 2007..."


     - Bank Julius Baer opens wholesale bank branch in Singapore


Recall of pet foods manufactured by Menu Foods, Inc.

"The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has been informed that Menu Foods, Inc., a manufacturer based in Canada is recalling all its "cuts and gravy" style dog and cat food produced at its facility in Emporia, Kansas between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007...
"According to the recall information available so far, the products are sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
"Nevertheless, the AVA is currently carrying out investigations to determine if the products had been exported to Singapore..."



$5.2 billion Resorts World at Sentosa slated to open in early 2010

"Resorts World at Sentosa will welcome some 10 million tourists, excluding local visitors, by 2015, generating S$15 billion in tourism receipts, half of Singapore’s target.
"Spending per diem on entertainment and sightseeing is expected to be more than six times higher than current spending levels...
"In anticipation of the increase in tourist traffic to Sentosa Island, Resorts World at Sentosa is also committed to significantly enhance the existing infrastructure of the island by building a new three-lane bridge, adjacent to the existing Sentosa Gateway Bridge...




Beware of snatch thieves in streets and common areas

"Since the beginning of the year, there have been 124 cases of snatch theft reported. Of these cases, 67 cases involved the stealing of handphones...
"More recently on 6 Mar at about 6.45am, a teenaged male victim lost his handphone to a snatch thief when he was hit on the back of the head whilst walking near Tampines St 41. The culprit picked up the $100 mobile phone that the victim dropped and fled with it..."



Singapore Crime Situation 2006

"Theft and related offences 2, which accounted for more than half (61%) of overall crime reported, fell by 2,192 cases from 22,711 to 20,519 cases in 2006.
"The overall decrease was largely due to fewer cases of shop theft, theft from person and other theft3 . In addition, handphone crimes4 also dropped from 4,825 to 4,594 cases...
"Youths made up 19% of total persons arrested in 2006, compared to 23% last year..."



A Statistical Profile of Older Workers

"Older persons aged 50 & over made up close to one-quarter (24%) of the resident workforce in 2006.
"Reflecting their relatively less educated profile, the majority (68%) of older workers were employed in lower-skilled jobs such as cleaners, labourers & related workers (18%), plant & machine operators & assemblers (16%) and service & sales workers (15%).
"These occupations also registered an above-average incidence of older workers especially for cleaners, labourers & related workers where more than half (53%) were aged 50 & over...."




Check your eligibility for Singapore PR or citizenship online

"The Naturalisation Eligibility Tool is a free online self-assessment system, to assist foreigners working and staying in Singapore to assess if they are eligible for either Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) or Singapore Citizenship (SC)...
"Overseas foreigners are also able to use the system although theirs will only be a hypothetical assessment. These overseas foreigners are given the option to provide their contact particulars to enable ICA to contact them if necessary..."



     -  Health Products Bill passed


Number of traffic summonses for speeding going down"

In 2005, as part of Police’s overall enforcement strategy, more resources were diverted to ensure greater police presence on our roads to deter motorists from flouting traffic rules.
"The public had by then become more aware of the PSLC deployment through Traffic Police’s website and radio.
"This contributed to the number of summonses issued for speeding falling 37% to 51,800 in 2005 as compared to 2004. In 2006, the number of summonses issued for speeding decreased 13% to 45,130 compared to the 51,800 summonses issued in 2005..."



Singapore's postal sector to be fully liberalised from 1 April 2007

"To ensure that our security concerns of mail integrity and accountability are met, SingPost will continue to hold the full set of letterbox masterdoor keys...
"As national stamps carry the country's name and to prevent consumer confusion over which PPL the national stamp belongs to, SingPost will continue to be the only one to issue these stamps...
"For greater operational efficiency, Singapore will keep a centralised postal code management system. SingPost will continue to manage this centralised system, while providing access to the postal codes database to all interested PSOs..."



Report on labour force in Singapore in 2006

"76% of the resident population aged 25 to 64 were employed, the highest since the data was first compiled in 1991, up from 73% in 1996...
"12% or 172,000 of resident employees were engaged on term contracts in June 2006 while the remaining 88% were permanent employees3. On average, employees on term contract drew lower pay than those on permanent appointments...
"The share of degree holders almost doubled to 23% from 12% a decade ago..."



Proposed changes to rules for unsecured credit

"A measured step of lowering the minimum annual income threshold for unsecured credit facilities from $30,000 to $20,000. A more conservative maximum credit limit of twice the borrower's monthly income will be set for individuals in this $20,000 to $30,000 income group, with no access to credit cards...
"Create appropriate modifications to the moneylenders regime.  For instance, for unsecured loans of $3,000 and below, no minimum income requirement would be imposed but such loans would be subject to an interest rate cap..."



Employment situation in 4th quarter 2006

"Preliminary estimates show that total employment grew by 48,800 in the fourth quarter of 2006, considerably higher than the gains of 35,300 in the same period a year ago, and up from 43,000 in the third quarter of 2006...
"Total retrenchment for the whole of 2006 was 12,200. Although this is higher than 10,294 in 2005, it is only about half the number retrenched in 2001 (25,838). Manufacturing formed the bulk of retrenchments (8,800), followed by services (3,000) and construction (400) in 2006..."



Road Traffic Situation 2006

"The number of persons killed increased from 173 to 190 in 2006. The number of persons injured increased from 8,226 to 9,706 in 2006, of which 104 suffered serious injuries...
"There was an overall increase in the number of speed-related accidents, from 1,445 to 1,657 cases in 2006, with the number of speed-related fatal accidents increasing by 15 cases, from 51 to 66. More than 1 in 3 of all fatal accidents were speed related..."



Thaipusam Festival 2007

From 6 P.M. On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 to 2 A.M on Fri, 2 Feb 2007



About 200,000 new Singapore PRs in the next 5 years

"From 2001-2004, an average of 35,250 new permanent residents (PR) and 7,130 new Singapore citizens (SC) were granted per annum. In 2005, about 52,300 new PRs and 12,900 new SCs were granted.
"The average numbers of new PRs and SCs are 38,700 and 8,300 respectively, for the period 2001-2005.
"We could expect to add about 200,000 new PRs and 40,000 new SCs in the next 5 years if we get the same numbers of new PRs and SCs as in the last 5 years..."


     -  Crazy Horse Paris in Singapore to close

     - Chinatown light-up and bazaar for Chinese New Year

     - StarHub first to launch HDTV service in Singapore




Survey on polyclinics in Singapore

"The heaviest patient attendances were seen at Ang Mo Kio (27,041) and Jurong (24,275), more than double the volumes seen at polyclinics such as Queenstown (9,345), Marine Parade (10,393) and Outram Polyclinics (10,550) - the lowest in attendances among polyclinics..."



Public transport operators to handle lost & found properties

"With effect from 1 January 2007, the public bus and taxi companies, namely, SBS Transit Ltd, SMRT Buses Ltd, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, Yellow-Top Cab Pte Ltd, CityCab Pte Ltd, SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd, Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd, Smart Automobile Pte Ltd and Premier Taxis Pte Ltd, will handle all properties found in their vehicles and handle all reports on lost and found properties made by their customers and drivers..."



     - The Neptune restaurant closes after 34 years in business

     - Marina Bay and Orchard Road Countdown 2006/2007 events

     - Web surfing in Singapore largely back to normal

     - Damaged undersea cables cause slow Internet access in Singapore

     - Singapore hit by heavy rain and flash floods

     - Singapore Public Holidays 2008 - Tentative List


Conditions of Employment 2006

"The 5-day workweek is the norm, with higher share of employees now on this arrangement than two years ago. Close to two in five (40%) full-time employees in the private sector worked 5 days a week in 2006, up from 34% two years ago.
"Lagging significantly behind, were the 5½-day (15%), 6-day workweek (16%), and shift work (17%) each accounting for less than one in five employees in 2006..."



Higher school fees for PRs and foreign students

"From January 2007, PR in Government and Government-aided schools, junior colleges (JCs) and the centralised institute (CI) will pay about 20% more for school fees. They currently pay the same fees as citizens at the secondary and pre-university levels.
"FS, whose fees are already higher than those for citizens and PR, will have their fees increased by about 30%. The new fees for FS will take effect two years from now (2009 ), to give time for them to decide if they wish to apply to become permanent residents..."


     - Central and northeast Singapore experience tremors


Labour Market 3rd Quarter 2006 Report

"Cumulatively in the first nine months this year, the economy added 124,500 workers, surpassing the gains of 113,300 for the whole of 2005. This employment creation is the highest ever recorded1..."


    - Withdrawal of 1998 off-budget concession on stamp duty deferment


Revision of hospital subsidy for foreigners

"From October 2007, PRs will continue to be subsidised for hospital services, but at 5 percentage-points less than Singapore citizens.
"From October 2008, another 5 percentage-point reduction will be applied. This way, Singapore citizens will enjoy greater subsidy than PRs, by a total of 10 percentage- points.
"As for the other foreigners, there will be no more healthcare subsidy from October 2007. ..."



     - Genting International and Star Cruises wins Sentosa IR bid



     - Tanglin Village attracts businesses with its rustic charm


     - Three years of free Wi-Fi for Singapore from 1 Dec 2006

     - M1 launches Singapore’s first true island-wide wireless broadband service

     - Health Ministry forms national committee to combat HIV/AIDS

     - Map-based information service on land ownership available online


Chingay 2007

23 - 24 Feb 2007


     - US President’s Visit to Singapore

     - Scenic Changi Point coastline opens to the public

     - Singapore ranks 5th in 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index

     - Police bust foreign housebreaking syndicate


     - 3rd Quarter 2006 real estate statistics

     - Singapore Zoo adds braille interpretives for visually handicapped

     - SCV fined for showing footage of lesbian sex on Zone Reality Channel

     - 15 sleight-of-hand cases reported since January 2006

     - Record 15,000 household products registered with SAFETY mark




Two Years of Free Wi-Fi for Singapore

"Come 2007, Singaporeans will be ushering the new year with at least 24 months, or two years, of free (basic tier) wireless connectivity at up to 512 kbps speeds almost everywhere - thanks to IDA's 'Wireless@SG' programme...

"The three operators are extending this two-year free offering with unlimited usage to all residents and visitors in Singapore, including tourists and business travellers. The sign-up details will be made known from December 2006 by the operators..."



Recent outbreaks of norovirus gastroenteritis in two schools

"There has been an increase in the number of persons attending the polyclinics for acute diarrhoea over the past three weeks...

"However, in view of the recent outbreaks of norovirus gastroenteritis in two schools affecting a large number of school children, the Ministry would like to advise the public to be vigilant about diarrhoeal illnesses..."


     - Annual Firewalking Festival 2006

     - National Museum to re-open officially in December 2006

     - AVA to implement grading scheme for pet shops


Option for foreign maids to have salary paid into their bank account

"To ensure prompt salary payment, FDWs can ask for their salaries to be paid into their bank accounts in Singapore.

"Effective 1 November 2006, MOM will introduce this as a new work permit condition for employers to comply..."


     - Singapore withdraws circulation approval for Far Eastern Economic Review



UK Securities & Investment Institute opens Singapore office

"The SII anticipates offering its front and back office qualifications in Singapore, otherwise known as the Certificate and IAQ suite. It has appointed Mona Poomy as its VP based in Singapore.

"SII examinations are approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and there are a large number of international banks with offices in Singapore who are keen that their workforce are trained to the same standard of competence as those in the UK..."


     - Singapore Labour Market Report for 2nd Quarter 2006

     - Changi Airport's Terminal 2 completes S$240m makeover

     - Bus and train fares to increase by between 1 and 3 cents


     - Singapore tightens security ahead of IMF/World Bank meetings


Proposed Spaceport Singapore to offer commercial suborbital spaceflights

"The focal point of the proposed Spaceport Singapore will be suborbital spaceflights. As each suborbital vehicle reaches its maximum altitude of 100 kilometers, passengers will experience up to five minutes of continuous weightlessness, all the while gazing at the blackness of space set against the horizon of Earth..."


     - Easier for returning Singaporeans to go back to our schools


New personalised employment pass not tied to any employer

The Ministry of Manpower will introduce a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) from 1 January 2007 to help us better attract and retain global talent...

The PEP allows the holder to remain in Singapore for up to six months in between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities. This helps us to retain selected global talent who would otherwise have to leave Singapore...

The PEP will be issued only once with a validity of 5 years. It will be nonrenewable. A PEP holder will retain the dependant privileges of his original EP type and the minimum annual basic salary requirement of S$30,000 will continue to apply throughout the 5-year duration...


     - New "R18" rating for cabaret shows


Singapore needs 60,000 babies yearly but gets 35,500 only

"Owing to our declining fertility rate, we are not able to replace ourselves, let alone augment our population. To replace ourselves and maintain our current population size, we need to have 60,000 babies every year and we have only about 35,500 today. We need to therefore attract more immigrants into Singapore..."


     - Commissioner of Charities appointed



More than 40 Singaporeans aged 19 and below HIV-positive

"By the end of last year, more than 40 young Singaporeans aged 19 and below have been reported as HIV-positive..."


     - Circulation Of Foreign Newspapers In Singapore

     - Police arrest Malaysian for smuggling counterfeit S$1 coins


Proposed Changes to Unsecured Credit Rules

"To lower the minimum income threshold for unsecured credit facilities to $20,000 from $30,000.  The minimum income requirement for credit cards remains at $30,000.

"To set the maximum aggregate credit limit of all unsecured personal credit facilities and credit cards granted by a financial institution at four times monthly income for individuals with at least $30,000 in annual income. For individuals with annual income of at least $20,000 and below $30,000, the maximum aggregate credit limit will be twice their monthly income..."


     - Proposed changes to the Banking Act


Subutex to be classified as a controlled drug

"While some heroin addicts appeared to have benefited from Subutex, many others seem to have merely shifted their addiction from heroin to Subutex.

"In addition, many more who have never tried drugs before have become new addicts. Within 4 years of introduction, we now have at least 3800 Subutex users, 45% of them Malay, 43% Chinese and 10% Indian..."



True telephone number portability by 4Q 2007

"From the fourth quarter of 2007, consumers can switch between telecoms service providers easily and yet have full use of their existing number, rather than having to update family members, friends and business contacts about a new one...

"Currently, mobile subscribers can switch telecoms service providers and keep their numbers. But he gets in essence a call-forwarding service as a call to his old number is routed to his new one. His contacts will see only this new number when he makes out-going calls and sends messages (SMS)..."


     - No outdoor demonstrations and processions during IMF/WB meetings

     - Number of recognised foreign medical schools increased to 120


Singapore Crime Situation - First half 2006

"Crimes involving handphones being stolen, which was one of the key concerns in 2005, decreased significantly, from 2,423 to 1,962 cases, in the first half of 2006...

"The drop in handphone crimes, despite the continued high mobile phone penetration rate in Singapore3 , may be in part due to enhanced public education on such crimes as well as tighter enforcement against errant second-hand handphone dealers..."



Foreign domestic maids get one-day off in new standard contract

"This contract is designed to help smoothen employer/employee relationships from the onset, by minimising any ambiguities on the employment terms.

"For example, the contract will include the stipulation of the minimum of one day-off entitlement for the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs). However, if the day-off is not taken, the employer will have to compensate the FDW in cash..."



Singapore's GDP growth for 2006 likely to be 5% to 7%

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore

"The Singapore economy grew by a robust 6.4% last year...

"Barring any unexpected shocks in the external environment including an escalation in geopolitical risks in the second half of this year, GDP growth for the year as a whole is likely to be in the range of 5 to 7%..."



Singapore salaries increasing, candidates receiving multiple job offers

"Continued hiring increases means good news for Singapore's workforce, while increased optimism continues to fuel increasing economic growth...

"This optimism is reflected in planned salary increases and 7% of employers expecting to pay 15% or more, the highest figure for any market surveyed in Asia..."



Singapore to hold large-scale flu pandemic exercise

21-22 Jul 2006

"This large scale exercise will involve over 1,000 personnel from MOH, the Ministry of Education (MOE), home-front and related agencies such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA), Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and the People's Association..."


     - Foreign Worker Levy and S Pass quota to go up

     - SMRT taxi fares to go up from 17 July 2006

     - Newton Food Centre reopens after nine-month makeover


     - Report on Wages in Singapore 2005


Smoking ban in eating places starts today

Food outlets such as hawker centres, coffeeshops, cafes and fast food restaurants will be smoke-free from 1st July. To protect patrons from second-hand smoke, smokers are reminded to light up only at designated smoking corners.

Under this new regulation, smoking is banned within the indoor refreshment areas (IRA) of all foodshops (Eg. Coffeeshops, Cafes, Restaurants). They can designate up to 20% of the floor area in their outdoor refreshment areas (ORA) as a smoking corner upon NEA’s approval....



Hawker centres, coffeeshops and cafes prepare for smoking ban

Smoking ban will be extended to hawker centres, coffeeshops and cafes come 1st July.

To protect patrons from second-hand smoke, foodshop operators can set up smoking corners for those who want to light up. To date, close to half of the affected outlets have decided to set up smoking corners in their outdoor refreshment areas....



Employment grew strongly by 45,000 in first quarter 2006

All the major sectors registered increases in employment. The bulk of the employment gains continued to come from the services sector (28,000)...

There was also a notable improvement in the long-term unemployment from a year ago. Some 10,100 residents or 18% of the unemployed residents have been looking for work for at least 25 weeks in Mar 06, about half the 20,200 or 30% a year ago...



     - Their Majesties The Emperor & Empress of Japan visit Singapore

     -  Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices formed

     - Singapore and United States navies participate in annual CARAT exercise

     - High Definition Television trials start in June 2006


Landmark design of Changi Airport's Terminal 3 unveiled

Terminal 3 will also employ state-of-the-art technologies to create a seamless environment for passengers transferring between the three terminals at Changi Airport.

These include a new People Mover System with a total of seven train stations located at various points within the three terminals, and a high-speed baggage system to facilitate quick transfers of bags between terminals...


    - Use of MyKad & cancellation of Malaysian restricted passports


Police launch online database of IMEI numbers of stolen handphones

HITS contains the IMEI numbers of handphones that have been reported stolen. This system allows the public to verify if the handphone they intend to purchase is stolen or not.....



The Challenge Posed by HIV/ AIDS to Singapore Businesses

In Singapore, the number of HIV-positive people has climbed steadily from the first case detected here in 1985 to 2,641 by December 2005. Three out of four (74.77%) who are infected are actively employed...

In 2005, out of the 255 new cases reported, a great majority (87%) comprised the age group of 20 - 59 years old, with those aged 20 - 49 years accounting for as much as 70% of all new cases...



     - Polling Day 6 May 2006 is a public holiday


Singapore's largest retail & lifestyle centre, Vivocity, to open in October 2006

Largest multi-experiential retail and lifestyle venue in Singapore


     - Decline in Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) cases


Retrenchment & re-employment 2005

Amid favourable economic conditions, the incidence of retrenchment dropped to a twelve-year low in 2005...

The incidence of retrenchment for professionals, managers, executives & technicians (PMETs) dropped to an eight-year low of 8.0 per 1,000 and a thirteen-year low of 4.8 per 1,000 for clerical, sales & service workers...

In 2005, on average 61% of local2 retrenched workers found re-employment within 6 months of their retrenchment, slightly higher than 59% in 2004. The improvement was more pronounced for the better educated workers...


     - Singapore Police & NYPD formalise training exchange programme

     - Gradual and modest appreciation of Singapore dollar expected

     - Advance GDP Estimates for First Quarter 2006

     - 2-day Flu Pandemic Exercise to take place in July 2006

     - Expat survey shows Singapore best place in the world for Asians to live

     - Singapore to recognise more foreign medical degrees


     - Expatriate fined for verbally abusing immigration officers

     - Old Ford Motor Factory gazetted as a national monument

     - Performance of Singapore economy in 2005


Singapore Crime Situation 2005

Robbery and theft cases involving handphones taken remain a key area of concern for the Police. The number of such cases increased significantly by 1,414 cases, from 3,411 to 4,825 cases in 2005.

Handphone crimes increased most notably for theft in dwelling (excluding shop theft) from 832 to 1,119 cases (+287 cases), and for other thefts (from 1,096 to 1,837 cases in 2005).
Robbery (from 344 to 488 cases), snatch thefts (from 162 to 283 cases) and cheating and related offences (from 275 to 343 cases) also saw notable increases.
The increase in handphone crime may be due to the rise in mobile phone penetration rate9 in Singapore indicating a larger pool of potential victims...


Casino Control Bill 2006

To discourage locals from developing into problem gamblers, Section 116 of the Bill shall require the casino operators to collect an entry levy from Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents for every consecutive 24 hours in the casinos or $2,000 for an annual membership.

This levy will also underscore the message that gambling is an expense and not a means to get rich...
Section 108 of the Bill shall prohibit casino and junket operators from extending credit to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, unless they maintain a credit balance of at least $100,000 with the casino operator at the start of their gaming which would qualify them as premium players.
Automated Teller Machines or ATMs shall be prohibited within the casinos under Section 109 of the Bill so that patrons will not have easy access to their savings accounts to gamble continuously.
Minors are also another potentially vulnerable group who may fall prey to the glamour of the casino, without realising the possible dangers of gambling. Sections 130 to 137 of the Bill will prohibit persons below the age of 21 years from entering the casinos...


     - Food items individual travellers may bring into Singapore

     - Singapore and US begin testing of e-Passports


Singapore carries out first large-scale anti-terror drill

"Ever since September 11 and the arrest of the Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore, we have stepped up our security measures...

"Exercise Northstar V is the largest scale exercise we have conducted so far. We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions and a chemical agent release in 4 MRT stations and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities..."


     - $45-million Budget Terminal for low-cost carriers completed

     - Christmas & new year revellers molested in Orchard Road

     - New speed limits for 65 roads in Western Singapore


Manpower Ministry revokes maid employment agency's licence

"The EA had failed to provide acceptable housing for FDWs under its charge by housing them in the kitchen and backyard of a house.

"In a separate incident, the EA also withheld the passports of FDWs placed by them. Finally, the EA had failed to repatriate an FDW upon the revocation of the in-principle approval of her work permit within the Ministry’s stipulated deadline of 14 days..."



     - Key data of 100 Singapore charities to be listed on MOH Website



KPMG submits its report on NKF to the new NKF Board

"Q2: Whether the NKF made or caused to be made misleading claims as to patient numbers, patient subsidies and treatment costs?
"KPMG found that figures relating to the number of kidney patients, patient subsidies and treatment costs were inflated or misleading in its press releases and fund raising promotional materials.
"In the amount of funds that was raised and used for dialysis. KPMG found that based on the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2003, approximately 10 cents out of every charity dollar went towards subsidizing patients’ direct treatment costs.
"In the NKF’s Investment Report 2004, it was reported that “out of every dollar NKF raised in 2003, $0.52 went to our beneficiaries and programmes for the year,…”


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       - New terminal for low-cost carriers to open on 26 March 2006

     - Singapore Labour Market 3rd Quarter 2005

     - Pay half-hourly rates for night parking at HDB/URA carparks

     - 52 illegal foreign workers nabbed in raids at 13 coffee shops

     - Manpower Ministry responds to HRW's report on maids in Singapore


Impact of HIV epidemic on men, women & children in Singapore

"Previously, some wives were not aware of their spouse's HIV status and so they were at risk of the HIV infection. Since July this year, we have informed the wife when the infected husband had not informed her of his positive HIV status.

"Over the last 5 months, 41 women have been informed by hand-delivered letters that their partner is infected and that they should go to CDC for testing..."



198 Singaporeans infected with HIV in first 10 months of 2005

"This brings the total number of HIV infected Singaporeans including 25 children to 2584 as of Oct 2005. Of these, 999 are asymptomatic carriers, 631 have full-blown AIDS and 954 have died.
"Heterosexual transmission has been the most common mode of HIV transmission among Singaporeans since 1991. Most of these cases contracted the infection through casual sex and sex with prostitutes in Singapore and overseas..."



Woman fined $3000 for hindering ICA officers in their duties

"Mdm Tan had returned to Singapore from China on 30th September 2005 at about 7.40 pm through the Changi International Airport Terminal 2. ICA officers noticed that she had brought two roast geese from China with her to Singapore.

"Mdm Tan was informed she had to surrender the two roast geese for disposal, as she did not have a licence to bring them in. She hindered the ICA officers in the execution of their duties by refusing to surrender the roast geese brought from China and subsequently throwing the roast geese onto the floor..."


      - Small Claims Tribunal to cover short-term residential tenancy agreements

     - Performance of Singapore economy in 3rd quarter 2005


     - Singapore Tourism Board launches 'Unique2Me' Photo Contest

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