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     Food: Cafes

     Dining out at cafes



       Amiran's Cafe

       1 Liang Seah Street #01-15/16 Liang Seah Place Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6333 5809


       Bang Bang (Cafe, Winebar & Club)

       50 Prinsep Street #01/02-04 Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6883 0172

       Opening hours: Mon - Thu 2pm - 1am  Fri & Sat 2pm - 2am

       Closed on Sunday


       Cafe Georges

       Le Meridien Singapore 100 Orchard Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 1800 - 733 1504


       Coffee Lounge

       Goodwood Park Hotel 22 Scotts Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6730 1746


       De Tango Sushi Cafe

       50 Prinsep Street #01-03/#02-03 Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6333 8748

       Opening hours: 11am - 2am  daily


       Five Ten

       50 Prinsep Street #01/02-03 Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6337 7279

       Opening hours: Mon - Thu 6pm - 2am  Fri & Sat 6pm - 2am

       Closed on Sunday


       Luna Coffee House

       Novotel Apollo Singapore 405 Havelock Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6733 2081 ext. 468


       Melting Pot Cafe

       Concorde Hotel 317 Outram Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6733 0188 ext. 17


       Phoenix Garden Cafe

       Hotel Phoenix 277 Orchard Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6731 8129


       Settler's  Café

       - North Canal

         39 North Canal Road Singapore 059295

         Tel: (65) 6535 0435

       - Holland Village

         15 Holland Drive #02-98 Singapore 271015

         Tel: (65) 6464 0178


       The Garage Cafe & Pub

       50 Prinsep Street #01-12 Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6837 2615

       Opening hours: Tue - Thu  11am - 11pm  Fri & Sat  3pm - 11pm

       Closed on Sunday


       Traders Cafe

       Traders Hotel 1A Cuscaden Road Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6831 4374


       Travel cafe

       50 Prinsep Street #01-01/#02-01 Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6338 9001

       Opening hours: Mon - Thu 11am - 11pm  Fri & Sat 11am - 2am

       Closed on Sun


       White Rose Cafe

       York Hotel 21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore

       Tel: (65) 6737 0511 ext. 1156




Smoking ban in eating places starts today

Food outlets such as hawker centres, coffeeshops, cafes and fast food restaurants will be smoke-free from 1st July. To protect patrons from second-hand smoke, smokers are reminded to light up only at designated smoking corners.

Under this new regulation, smoking is banned within the indoor refreshment areas (IRA) of all foodshops (Eg. Coffeeshops, Cafes, Restaurants). They can designate up to 20% of the floor area in their outdoor refreshment areas (ORA) as a smoking corner upon NEA’s approval....



Hawker centres, coffeeshops and cafes prepare for smoking ban

Smoking ban will be extended to hawker centres, coffeeshops and cafes come 1st July.

To protect patrons from second-hand smoke, foodshop operators can set up smoking corners for those who want to light up. To date, close to half of the affected outlets have decided to set up smoking corners in their outdoor refreshment areas....



Smoking ban to be extended to hawker centres, coffeeshops & entertainment outlets

"The ban at hawker centers and coffeeshops will take effect from 1 July 2006, while the ban at entertainment outlets will start on 1 July 2007...

"The smoking ban at coffee shops will come into effect on 1 Jul 06. Smoking will be banned within the indoor refreshment areas (IRA) of coffeeshops. However, coffeeshop operators may designate up to 20% of the seats in their outdoor refreshment area (ORA) as a smoking corner..."





Starbucks USA buys back Singapore outlets

The Starbucks parent company in USA announced it is buying back the chain of 35 Singapore outlets from a Singapore company, Bonvests Holdings, for S$13.38 million.

Source: Straits Times 23 Jun 2004 (A19)

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  Cafe@Parliament is situated in the new Parliament House at 1 Parliament Place. This cosy cafe is open to the public and anyone can access it through the side entrance on the road between the building and the Supreme Court. Service is good and food portions ample. There are waiters to serve local and western food. Prices are reasonable - a local set set costs just S$5.50 for the main dish (rice, meat & vegetables), soup and dessert. The cafe is open from Mondays to Saturdays. On weekdays, it closes at 6pm and on Saturdays at 3pm. Contact Tel: (65) 6339 1980 Fax: (65) 6339 1989.