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     Food: Singapore Local Food Names

     Local Food Names & their meanings

       Chinese Food

bak ku teh

pork soup seasoned with garlic & chillies

bak chang  

rice dumpling (fillings: usually pork, mushroom)

bee hoon 

rice vermicelli

bird's nest soup

made from boiled swiftlet's nests and barley sugar

carrot cake

giant white radishes steamed and fried with egg, garlic and chilli

char kway teow

fried noodles & cockles in a black bean sauce

char siew fan 

barbecued pork with rice and sliced cucumber

char siew soh 

pastry with barbecued pork filling

chicken rice

boiled chicken served with rice steamed in chicken stock


rice porridge (congee) served with chicken, pork or fish

claypot rice

baked rice served with Chinese sausages, salted fish, diced chicken, and vegetables


thick rice porridge

cuttlefish kangkong

noodles, cuttlefish, dried tohfu and kangkong in a peanut gravy 

dian xin

dim sum (assorted pastries, steamed buns, etc.)

goreng pisang

banana fritters

hokkien mee

noodles served with pork slices, squid and prawns

hor fun

flat white rice noodles served with pork slices, squid and prawns

ice kachang

ice shavings with red beans, agar, sago, atap seed served covered in a coating of sweet syrup, and milk

kway chap

rice noodle sheets in a dark soy sauce soup with pig's innards, etc.


noodles, cockles, dried tohfu, shredded mint leaves and bean sprouts in a rich curry gravy


a Malay dish of rice cake, long beans, cabbage and tohfu in curry

lor mee

noodles served with slices of meat, eggs, and vinegar in brown sauce

mee pok

flat noodles made with wheat & egg

mee siam

a Malay dish of rice vermicelli, boiled egg, and dried tohfu in fermented bean gravy


fish paste with chilli, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled


salad of turnip shreds, beansprouts, lettuce, boiled egg slices, grated peanut, dark soya sauce, wrapped in a thin flour pastry. 


beef, pork or chicken slices skewered on wooden sticks and grilled. Dip satay in a peanut gravy

teh tarik

tea with milk, tossed from one container into another (about two feet apart) vice versa a few times, until bubbly

wanton mee

noodles, barbecued pork slices, chye sim (vegetables) and wantons (minced pork wrapped in a thin pastry and poached). Served in soup or dry