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Death Is Not The Only Way Out

"Somewhere in Singapore today, someone will commit suicide. Seven others will try, but help will come in time and they will survive.

"The same will happen again tomorrow, and every day.

"These are among the facts of life and death here, and this is how it has been for a long time.

"Looked at one way, Singapore's statistics for suicide say that much has stayed fairly stable over the years and there is nothing to be alarmed about.

"Viewed another way, however, you must wonder why the numbers have not come down despite a proliferation of support services and crisis helplines over the years."

Excerpt of article "Death is not the only way out" by ALAN JOHN in THE STRAITS TIMES of 5 Jul 2006 (Page 22)

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Singapore's Ageing Population

"Given the steadily increasing health needs of the older population, there are clearly policy options built around the concept of extending people's working lives.

"The United Kingdom, for example, is discussing raising the pensionable age from the current 65 to 68 by 2044.

"But are people aged 50 upwards unproductive burdens on society because they are consistently less able to perform modern economic activity than those younger?"

Excerpt of article "Singapore's Ageing Population: Not Quite Doomsday" by SARAH HARPER in THE STRAITS TIMES of 14 Jun 2006 (Page 23)

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     Community issues - 2007


Commissioner of Charities to launch online charity portal

"In tandem with the tightening of charity registration, the COC's office will also launch the Charity Portal ( to provide a convenient one-stop ''paper-less'' process for application for charity status and institution of a public character (IPC) status.
"The Charity Portal provides a one-stop resource centre for the public who want to know more about charities in Singapore, including those interested in setting up charities and IPCs..."



10,221 reported cases of loan shark harassment activities in 2006

"In 2006, 294 persons were arrested for UML offences and related harassment activities. This is an increase of 11% as compared to 2005.
"In 2006, Police also dealt with 39 UML syndicate members under the CL(TP) Act, which is an increase of 63% compared to 24 in 20053. In addition, Police smashed 8 syndicates last year4 ..."



Commissioner of Charities completes inquiry on Youth Challenge

"The COC found that the Executive President's total annual remuneration for the financial year ended 31 January 2006 was $248,867. Of this amount, only $53,836 was disclosed as the Executive President's salaries in the Income and Expenditure Statement.
"Another $164,475 was disclosed in Note 3 to the audited financial statements as salaries apportioned to various projects/events...
"The Executive President's total remuneration of $248,867 amounted to 56% of the total donation and other income of $442,287 raised for the same period..."


     Community issues - 2006


Key challenges facing public housing in Singapore

"Between now and 2030, the number of elderly aged 65 years or older will increase dramatically, from 300,000 to 900,000. 1 in 5 Singaporeans will be aged 65 and above by 2030.
"We will need to provide a wide range of housing options to meet the different financial needs and lifestyle preferences of the elderly, from smaller HDB flats like studio apartments, to private retirement housing with dedicated care facilities..."


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