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This section is devoted to current issues on Singapore. We welcome letters to the Editor. Comments expressed in this section by writers are the writers' own views and do not reflect the views of Getforme - Singapore on the Web. We reserve the right to edit all letters for grammar, clarity and content. We also reserve the right to reject any letters without assigning any reason whatsoever. If you do not wish your name to be posted, please provide a pseudonym. Your e-mail address will appear next to your letter.

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Dear Mr.Editor,

  I'm writing because I think is really important talking about our point of view, nowadays, because I think the best way to excel and to be the best is get the best of everything/one and get it. It's my philosophy.

  About caning I think is right, but only if teachers don't abuse on their students. I come and live in Italy and I finished my high school last year.My final score has been 89/100,but I'm sure I could got better if school system was different. Lot of guys don't want to study and go to school just to don't work.These elements take the classroom students level down and take lot of them to follow their stupid example.

  School is school,life is different lot of people say. But how can people get the importance to don't commit mistakes if when they commit them are not several punishes? How can a national system pretend to get a competitive team of workers if doesn't teach to his future workers how to work in the right way. Please,keep up to cane students if They are bad, before life will be worster with them.                                          Yours Sincerely,                                           Poli Lenny

This letter has reference to our article: 

School Discipline: Put the cane in our teachers' hands

31 Dec 2000


Dear Sir,

  I would like to bring to your attention regarding musical productions made solely from the canvassing for funds to the script by the University students amid their heretic schedule. The productions are by no means of a poor quality as the sales figures throughout the years have always been a success. I hope that you can help to bring to the public’s attention of the cultural activities done by University students and to promote the local cultural scene.

  This news will be able to attract readers from the people involved in the education scene and especially students from the 3 universities and those who are ex-students of  NTU and NUS themselves. Students and their parents in the 15 JCs and the many secondary schools will also be interested in this piece news itself. Therefore the interest generated in this article will be enormous and the increment in readership on this article can reach 300,000 due to the number of interested students and people involved in the education and cultural scene. So do consider reporting this piece of news as it will generate a lot of interest.

  One of the most successful musical productions through the years in NTU has been the Quintsical Productions. The production itself takes a year to produce and the production is done wholly by the students themselves with no help from any source. All of them pour their energies into this production and spend most of their holidays preparing and canvassing funds for it.

  During the heretic school term, they still put in efforts to carry out their task. One interesting thing to note is that these students mostly have no experience and may not be the “cultural” people previously. However, most of them decide to try something new and with this passion got involved in the production itself. They have to learn everything from scratch and their courage and dedication to make something out of nothing is really something that all young people should learn from. Therefore I urge you to report this article to encourage people to try something new, be adventurous and do
something worthwhile.

  I hope the above news will be of interest to you and that the public will be able to learn more of the productions done by students and create more awareness of the meaningful activities that they are involved in.
                                                Yours Sincerely,

                                                    Alex Khoo

(15 Nov 2000)

This section commenced on 8 Aug 2000.

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