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This section is devoted to current issues on Singapore. We welcome letters to the Editor. Comments expressed in this section by writers are the writers' own views and do not reflect the views of Getforme - Singapore on the Web. We reserve the right to edit all letters for grammar, clarity and content. We also reserve the right to reject any letters without assigning any reason whatsoever. If you do not wish your name to be posted, please provide a pseudonym. Your e-mail address will appear next to your letter.

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A Good Deed by Mr Tay Beng Chai

Reported by MN LIN (Ms)

4 Dec 2001


To whom it may concerned,

First and foremost if you are not the intended recepient please
re-direct this complaint to the correct party/agency.

Yesterday at 1.30 pm my family and I had the most unfortunate incident of rude and arrogant attitude of cashier and kitchen staff of the stall known as BaliThai at Food Court near Seiyu Mall located near Bugis MRT station.

I had a miscommunication with my wife which led to a cancellation of a dish "mee rebus" costing S$3.00.  As the dish was not even prepared but already paid, I requested for a cancellation of one out of four dishes ordered.

The Malay cashier responded " NO REFUND! with silly and arrogant look. I argued nicely that since the dish is not prepared why can't we be given refund and willing to sign off chit as a geniune customer's verfication.  Without looking at you with her angry looking face and grumbling and mumbling of me, she said in a high voice "I CALL SOMEONE".  To me her attitude is uncalled for and if she has said nicely or offered alternative such as coupons or others I wouldn't be as angry as I did.  This led to an argument and stirred a small scene.

I returned after finishing my food and was reluctantly refunded with her grumpy face and more grumbling and grumbling about me despite me thanking her for her attempt.  This kind of person created a lot of tense and undue worry to my family and I think should be sacked.

I also think that the company she's working with should also be flexible as our request is a genuine and we are entitled to a refund. Thank you.

Azlam Shah Alias 

8 Apr 2001

Previous letters:  2000

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