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This section is devoted to current issues on Singapore. We welcome letters to the Editor. Comments expressed in this section by writers are the writers' own views and do not reflect the views of Getforme - Singapore on the Web. We reserve the right to edit all letters for grammar, clarity and content. We also reserve the right to reject any letters without assigning any reason whatsoever. If you do not wish your name to be posted, please provide a pseudonym. Your e-mail address will appear next to your letter.

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Public Caning

I feel very sorry for you and your society. Societies that need to belt compliance out of their children need to think again. All these children will learn from this dreadful experience is that inflicting pain on another is the answer or solution to a problem.

Singapore is known world-wide as a controlled society, one where compliance with group-thought and group-speak. Object and you get brutalized. I'd rather live in a kind society that encourages individualism than a cruel and controlling one.

I have the right to speak my mind in public without fear of government reprisal. It's called freedom.

GDS (Pseudonym)

7 Aug 2004

This letter has reference to our article:

Monday with the Editor: Public Caning of Three Students


Previous letters: 2003   2002   2001   2000

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