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Time: 9 pm sharp, every Tuesday • Venue: AGF Theatre, Level 1, Alliance Francaise, 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130 • Tickets: $5.00 (Members) and $7.00 (Non-members), available from all SISTIC outlets or the SISTIC Hotline:63485555. Prices are inclusive of GST and $0.50 SISTIC fee per ticket. Buy your tickets now through SISTIC Website:, SISTIC Mobile Ticketing:, SISTIC Hotline: (65)6348 5555 and SISTIC outlets islandwide





(Sentimental Destinies)

France/Switzerland, Colour, 180 min

Date:               Tuesday, 1 July 2003 – 9pm

Director:         Olivier Assayas

Cast:               Emmanuelle Béart, Charles Berling, Isabelle Huppert, Olivier Perrier, Dominique Reymond

Synopsis:        This intelligent and ambitious film follows a man's life as he is torn between public responsibilities and private needs. An adaptation of the French novel by Jacques Chardonne, “Les Destinées sentimentales” tells the story of Protestant minister Jean, whose marriage to Nathalie is already falling apart when he meets the niece of a parishioner, Pauline, at a ball in his small village in western France. To escape the disapproval of his conservative community, Jean quits the clergy and sets up home with Pauline in Switzerland. But years later, when his uncle dies, he is called to Limoges, to take over his family's porcelain empire.




(The Colour of Lies)

France, Colour, 113 min

Date:               Tuesday, 8 July 2003 – 9pm

Director:         Claude Chabrol

Cast:               Sandrine Bonnaire, Jacques Gamblin, Antoine de Caunes, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Bernard Verley

Synopsis:        In a small Breton town, a 10-year-old girl is found murdered. René, her art teacher, a professional painter, is the last person to have seen her alive and is immediately questioned by the inspector in charge of the investigation. In this small provincial town where people all know each other and regularly meet at the Bar des Amis, René is increasingly unsettled by the other inhabitants' suspicions and by the inspector's investigation. Children stop coming to him for lessons. His wife, Viviane, a district nurse, protects him and supports him with her love. However, a self-centred media-star writer adds to René's confusion...




(Blame It on Voltaire)

France, Colour, 130 min

Date:               Tuesday, 15 July 2003 – 9pm

Director:         Abdel Kechiche

Cast:               Sami Bouajila, Élodie Bouchez, Bruno Lochet, Aure Atika, Virginie Darmon

Synopsis:        First-time feature film director Abdel Kechiche's “La Faute à Voltaire” paints a moving portrait of an immigrant who searches to find a place in his newly adopted country. Jallel is a charming, well-intentioned Tunisian man who travels to Paris and secures a three-month residency by pretending to be an Algerian refugee. Once there, he befriends Franck as well as a host of other friendly men, and falls under the spell of Nassera, a gorgeous waitress, who later disappears. Destroyed by this turn of events, Jallel lands in a psychiatric hospital, where he meets the fragile Lucie, sparking a relationship that is at turns romantic, passionate, and deeply tumultuous.




SAMIA (2000)

France, Colour, 73 min

Date:               Tuesday, 22 July 2003 – 9pm

Director:         Philippe Faucon

Cast:               Lynda Benahouda, Mohamed Chaouch, Kheira Oualhaci, Nadia El Koutei

Synopsis:        Based on an autobiographical novel by Soraya Nini, the film is set in Marseille and chronicles a few weeks in the life of Samia, a teenager and the sixth of eight children in a family of Algerian immigrants. While her parents have a strict, traditional approach to girls’ education, Samia tries to transgress the barriers imposed on her by her family and culture, and focuses her energy on seizing any opportunity she can to make her own decisions in life.





(My Little Business)

France, Colour, 96 min

Date:               Tuesday, 29 July 2003 – 9pm

Director:         Pierre Jolivet

Cast:               Vincent Lindon, François Berléand, Roschdy Zem, Zabou (I), Albert Dray

Synopsis:        A wood worker is trying hard to make his company survive every day... But a fire in his workshop leaves him in a lot of trouble when he realises his insurer was swindling him - he does NOT have any insurance... That's when a crazy idea grows in his mind - he will need all his friends and their different talents to make it work...




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