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     Arts Programmes at Singapore Art Museum (SAM)


SAM Public Programmes

SAM Lifestyle
For the inspirations in your life - Choose Art
CDL Singapore Sculpture Award Exhibition
Watch  out  for  a  public  display  of  sculpture designs from Singapore's professional  and  amateur  sculptors. This exhibition, co-organised by the Singapore Art Museum, is a culmination of the CDL-Singapore Sculpture Award set up to recognise and encourage creativity in the field of sculpture.
EXHIBITION · Now on till 3 Jul (Thu), Museum Hours, Gallery 1, Free.

Swing at SAM Series
Swing at SAM - Do the 6-count!
by Lindy Hop Ensemble
The  Lindy  Hop  Ensemble  introduces  the  colourful vocabulary of 6-count swing.  East  Coast  Swing,  West Coast Swing, Rock n Roll, Jive and Boogie Woogie  are closely related dance forms! Master the basic footwork, pick up essential lead and follow techniques with simple yet stylish partner steps!
6-count swing is a great introduction to the family of swing dances and is perfect for novice dancers. Seasoned swingers will also get hooked onto the new  moves  and  creative  combinations!  Swing by for more details.
WORKSHOP · Jul: 4 & 18, 7.00pm - 9.00pm, Auditorium, $10.

SAM Wear Art Series

Jewellery Making Workshops
by Margaret Tang

Necklace, Earrings and Ring (Basic)
Learn  the  delightfully easy basic wirework techniques that will allow you to  create  an  endless  collection  of intricate jewellery pieces. In this class you will make a earrings and necklace set with an optional ring.
5 Jul (Sat), 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Patron's Club, $30*.

Creative Stringing with Pearls (Basic)
Be   introduced   to   the  fundamentals  of  necklace  design  and  colour coordination  and  learn  how to make necklaces with a variety of stringing techniques  using  multiple  strings.  Bring  home your very own faux pearl necklace creation!
19 Jul (Sat), 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Patron's Club $40*

WORKSHOP  ·  *Fees include all basic materials. Tools will be provided. The Patron's  Club is located next to the Museum Shop by Banyan Tree. The above workshops are repeat sessions of earlier workshops.

Public Art Library
by The Artists Village at the Singapore Art Museum
A  first  of  its  kind in Singapore! A Public Art Library where you get to borrow  pieces  of  original artworks by members of The Artists Village for display  at  home!  The  Public  Art  Library  aims  to promote greater art appreciation  among  the  public  and  to encourage art collecting. It also creates  regular  opportunities  for members of the public to meet artists,
find out more about their works and art practices, or simply to have a chat with them. Be sure to check out the Public Art Library!
LIBRARY ·  Opening hours : 11.00am-4.00pm, 1st & 3rd weekend of every month. Jul: 5-6 & 19-20 (Sat - Sun).
Registration  for  Public  Art  Library membership is at $50 a year. Please come in person for the registration.

WORKSHOP  ·  1.00pm-3.00pm,  $10. Materials and tools provided. Recommended
for 12 years old and above.
Please call 6332 3220 for details.

The alternative, experimental, contemporary

by Project Chilli Padi, the Education & Outreach Division of WILD RICE As  soon  as  we  made  mobile  phones,  the  Internet, cable and satellite technology part of our daily landscape of information, we should have known we would always bite off more than we could chew. How do technology and the mass media affect our perception of the world around us? What do tradition, popular  culture and globalisation mean to us today? Ponder on these issues
in     the    BIG    SKY    workshop    and    EYE://I    on    INFORMATION performance-installation.

BIG  SKY  is  a  weekend  workshop  that  challenges  young people to think critically  and  creatively,  responding to a variety of topical issues. It will  use  various  art  forms from drama, visual art and music to film, to illustrate  how the arts invite focus, tension and alternative perspectives to  issues  we  face  everyday.   Works  produced  by  participants will be showcased  in  EYE://I on INFORMATION, a multi-textured, multi-disciplinary arts performance-installation.

WORKSHOP  ·  12-13  Jul  (Sat-Sun),  9.00am-6.00pm,  SAM.  Recommended  for upper/post-secondary level.
Arts  background  not  necessary. Registration and payment required. Please call: 6292 2695.

PERFORMANCE · 18 Jul  (Fri), 7.30pm-9.00pm, Glass Hall, Free.
Works  can  be  viewed over the weekend 19-20 Jul (Sat-Sun), 9.00am-6.00pm, 

RE:Making Traditions
The making and remaking of traditions

alapana-Heritage Series

Royal Tunes of the Folk
by alapana arts
This  special  musical  night  by  alapana  arts includes voice, string and percussion  music items with a highlight featuring an ensemble of 25 veenas accompanied  by other Indian musical instruments. Be treated to this finale item  comprising  a recent composition by R.Banumathy, a veena exponent and teacher  with  more than 20 years of experience. Visit www.alapana.netfirms for further details!
PERFORMANCE  · 5 Jul (Sat), 6.30pm-8.30pm, Glass Hall. $10 (including light refreshments).
Tickets  available at the door on the night of the performance. Enquiries : 6396 3296.

Public Programmes Enquiries and Registration
All  Public  Programmes are on a first-come-first-served basis; free unless otherwise stated.
For  payment, please send crossed cheque made payable to "National Heritage Board".
All  payment must reach SAM at least one week before the date of the event.
No refunds will be made for absentees.
Please  indicate  name of participant, contact number and the event you are registering for on the back of the cheque.

Enquiries / Sign up for SAM's mailing list
E-mail : or call 6332 3220.
Mailing  address:  Singapore  Art  Museum,  71  Bras  Basah Road, Singapore
189555. (Attn: Santha Anthony)

All  information  is  correct  at  time of release. The museum reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


Held in conjunction with the exhibition
20th Century Chinese Paintings in Singapore Collections
This exhibition showcases the richness of local collections of 20th century Chinese paintings. Presented as a broad survey of the major developments in Chinese  painting  within the last 100 years, the exhibition, with 70 works by  the most significant artists of the last century (including Ren Bonian, Wu  Changshuo,  Huang  Binhong,  Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, Zhang Daqian,  Lu  Yanshao and Wu Guanzhong) provides an opportunity for visitors
to  appreciate  their  collective output against the backdrop of one of the most tumultuous periods in Chinese and world history.
Exhibition: 13 Feb - 27 Apr 2003, Galleries 5- 8.

Between Likeness and Unlikeness? Appreciating Chinese Painting
by Dr Ni Yibin
Mainstream traditional Chinese painting and Western painting are the products of two very different traditions of representing the world. For a long period, Western painting based on the Greek tradition aimed at depicting an idealised world in a naturalistic way, while Chinese painting embarked on a different route, presenting the balance of reality and the subjective image in the painter's mind and experimenting with different proportions of the two. This lecture explains the fundamentals of the aesthetics and image-making in traditional China against the background of the Western artistic practice. Through comparison, the audience will be able to see clearly the reasons and motivation that nourished the heritage
of Chinese painting.

Dr  Ni  Yibin,  Assistant  Professor  of  Chinese art and culture, National University  of  Singapore,  was  a  visiting  scholar at Harvard University between  2001 and 2002,  when  he  lectured  at  Harvard  University,  Yale University, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Honolulu Academy of  Art, Hawaii. He has contributed to books and catalogues on Chinese arts and is the English editor of Dictionary of Chinese Ceramics (2002).

Lecture: 11 Apr (Fri), 7.30pm-8.30pm Auditorium, Free.

Influences  and  Adaptations?  -  An  examination  of  20th Century Chinese Painting
by Chen Jiazi (Presented in Mandarin)

In  the  early  20th century, Chinese artists like Gao Qifeng and the other Lingnan  Masters  were  the first to look abroad in their reform of Chinese painting.  They  borrowed  the  techniques  of "Mourou-tai"  and "Maruyama Shijo-ha",  prevalent  during  the  Meiji  period in Japan. What were these techniques  and  what  was  the  impact  of  such influences? What were the external  influences  on  artists  such  as Lin Fengmian and Xu Beihong who
studied  in  France  in  the early 1920s? Can traces of Japanese techniques still  be  found  in  Fu  Baoshi's  paintings?  What about the influence of Japanese artist Takehisa Yomeiji on works such as Feng Zikai's cartoon-like paintings?  This  lecture  examines  the  significance of some of the major influences on 20th Century Chinese artists and their works.

Chen  Jiazi  worked  at the Liaoning Provincial Museum in the 1980s and was actively  involved  in the research and authentication of classical Chinese paintings at the Palace Museum in Beijing and Shanghai Museum. From 1993 to 2001,  she  was  a  researcher  with  the  Asian  Civilisations  Museum  in Singapore,  specialising  in  Chinese  art  and  working  in  the  areas of exhibition, collection management and authentication.

Lecture: 12 Apr (Sat), 2.30pm-3.30pm, Auditorium, Free. Presented in Mandarin.

Jointly organised by SAM and the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society

Carved in Stone - Seal carving
by Chong Choy
Seal carving is inextricably linked to Chinese painting and calligraphy and works  are  not considered complete before affixing the seal. However, seal carving  is not merely appended to calligraphy and painting but is regarded as an art in itself requiring  technical  skills  and  knowledge of calligraphy,  composition  and  an understanding of the material. Catch the fascinating  process where a master seal carver works the cutting knife and
transforms  the  flat  surface  of  the stone into a miniature work of art.
Basic skills for beginners will be taught at the workshop session.
1 Mar (Sat)
Talk & Demonstration: 2.00pm-2.45pm, Upper Lobby, Free.
Workshop : 3.00pm-5.00pm, Auditorium, $25. Includes all materials.
The  workshop is recommended for tertiary students and adults. Registration Required.

Dancing in Black - Chinese calligraphy
by Koh Mun Hong
Chinese calligraphy has been described as having the beauty of painting, the motion of dance and the rhythm of music. Learn to appreciate Chinese calligraphy which employs essentially, the singular black ink in a variation of tonal values and skilful manipulation of brush strokes to create an abstract art form.
15 Mar (Sat)
Talk & Demonstration: 2.30pm-4.00pm, Upper Lobby, Free.

Ink Essence - Chinese painting
by Tan Kee Sek
Don't miss this live demonstration which will also explain the essence of the Chinese ink medium, the versatility of which can be seen in traditional works as well as abstract contemporary expressions.
22 Mar (Sat)
Talk & Demonstration: 2.30pm-4.00pm, Upper Lobby, Free.

The Curator's Tour
Don't  miss  these special sessions led by exhibition curator, Low Sze Wee.
Find  out exhibition highlights and insights into significant pieces of the exhibition from the perspective of the curator.
22 Feb, 8 & 22 Mar (Sat),
Guided Tour :  2.00pm-3.00pm, Meeting point at Lobby.
Exhibition admission fee applies.

A  Visit  to a Treasure House - Organised tour to the Heritage Conservation Centre
Do you have a collection of paintings, photographs, stamps or family heirlooms? Do you know that our national collection of more than 98,000 artefacts are stored and conserved at the Heritage Conservation Centre?
Preservation of collectibles is important in helping to prolong the "life" of these treasures. This special  tour allows you a peek into how our cultural and heritage materials are preserved. Learn about preserving historical artefacts, works of art and fine antiquities through proper environmental control, physical storage, display methods and other preventive conservation measures.
19 Apr (Sat)
Tour  :  9.30am-11.30  am,  Meeting point at SAM Lobby. For Secondary 3 and above.  Registration  required.  $5  (For two-way transport between SAM and Heritage Conservation Centre).

Presented by Ecnad Project -  an Ecnad Team A + B production
Ecnad  spins  up  an  evening of bite-size contemporary choreographic dance pieces set within the unique ambience of an old chapel. Expect a sensorial treat that challenges the notion of dance and performance space. Ecnad Team A  (professional) and B (amateur) together with graduates of Fresh From The Oven  (New  Talent  Development  Programme) collaborates in this creative
performance.  Ecnad  is  Singapore's first full-time contemporary  dance company.  It is now a multi-disciplinary movement-based arts company. MARCH SPIN is a special occasion for its full-time dancers-in-residence to exercise  their  creativity  as  an  'artist'  as well as a showcase of new talents.
PERFORMANCE·13-16 Mar (Thu-Sun), 8.00pm-9.30pm, Auditorium.
$20, $16 concessions &  $14 Friends of Ecnad (excluding $1 SISTIC fee)
Ticketing: SISTIC outlets, 63485555 or

by The Necessary Stage in collaboration with Cumbernauld Theatre, Scotland
Fires Within Fires is an accessible and invigorating contemporary
performance  and  installation, devised and performed by students from CHIJ Katong Convent Secondary School and youths in Scotland, as an honest and relevant response to the themes and issues in Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
The  performance  is  a culmination of 6 months of training and development which will feature drama, installation art, animation, movement and music.
Directed  by  Sean  Tobin, Associate Artistic Director, The Necessary Stage and Simon Sharkey, Artistic Director, Cumbernauld Youth Theatre.
PERFORMANCE·19-22  Mar  (Wed-Sat)  3.00pm  &  20-22 Mar (Thu- Sat), 8.00pm,
$19, $16 students. Ticketing: 6440 8115, e-mail .

Heated Conversation- A chat about the making of FIRES WITHIN FIRES
Come  meet  the  international  team  that  conjured up the performance and installation FIRES WITHIN FIRES.  Hear personal accounts from behind the scenes, tracing the 6-month international, interdisciplinary process. Share your viewpoints and raise questions with the young artists, and the team from CHIJ Katong Convent, Cumbernauld Theatre and The Necessary Stage.
DIALOGUE· 23 Mar (Sun), 2.00pm-4.00pm, Glass Hall, Free.

Hotpot  Workshop-   A  workshop  exploring themes and aesthetics from FIRES WITHIN FIRES
This  workshop is aimed at helping young people process the content and the creative  medium  of  FIRES  WITHIN FIRES. Director-Trainers Sean Tobin and Simon Sharkey will guide participants through creative exercises, using the media and themes utilised in the performance.
WORKSHOP· 25 Mar (Tue), 2.30pm-4.30pm, Auditorium,
$10. Registration: 6440 8115 or e-mail .

FIRES  WITHIN  FIRES  is  organised  as  part  of  M1  Youth  Connection  -
Singapore's only annual festival of theatre and other arts for young people presented  by  The  Necessary  Stage.  Supported  by  Singapore Art Museum, National Arts Council, British Council, North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Arts Council.

Swing at SAM Series :
Swing at SAM - Do the Charleston!
by Lindy Hop Ensemble
(Embedded image moved to file: pic12045.jpg)
The  popular  fortnightly  dance  workshops  at SAM kick starts 2003 with a brand new series - Swing at SAM! Learn a different dance from the family of Swing  dances  every three months - expect new moves all year round! In the first  quarter, get whisked off your feet with the Charleston phenomenon of the  1920s.  Learn  the  basics,  the  funky new variations, solo moves and
partner-work.  The Lindy Hop Ensemble with its signature jaw-dropping moves and infectious energy, is the first Singapore dance group to perform in New York  City  at  the  prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and also at the world-famous  Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2000.  Swing by for more details!
WORKSHOP· 7 Mar (Fri) , 7.00pm - 9.00pm, Auditorium, $10.

SAM-FOM Friday Evening Talk Series
Jointly presented with the Friends of the National Museum (FOM)
An Adventurous Calling: Irish Teaching Missionaries in Singapore
by Rosemary Lim Celebrate St Patrick's Day by commemorating   over  150 years of Irish teaching missionaries in Singapore. Rosemary Lim, winner of the Merit Award of  the Singapore Literature Prize in 1998, will trace the history of these spirited   individuals from her native island of Ireland and their contribution to education in Singapore.
TALK · 14 Mar (Fri), 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Glass Hall, Free.

SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002 Exhibition
Organised by SAFRA Bukit Merah and Co-presented by SAM
This  biennial  exhibition  features a selection of some of the best prints from  photographers in Singapore. Among the more than 80 works, are winning entries of the SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002.
EXHIBITION · 28 - 30 Mar (Fri - Sun), Museum Hours, Glass Hall, Free.

The World in Black and White
by Sha Ying
Held in conjunction with the SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002 Exhibition Held in conjunction with the SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002 Exhibition Documentary  photographer  Sha Ying  believes  that photographs are active communicative constructs of  the  photographer.  In this session, he elaborates on the conceptualisation and selection process of the subjects in his works.  Sha Ying will pay particular focus to and make a critical
examination of the changing techniques and styles of black and white photography. Currently the supervising cameraman for CNBC Asia Pacific, Sha Ying has exhibited in Facets as part of the 2002 Month of Photography in Singapore and Shadows of Culture, a solo exhibition in 1999. His works can be found in various corporate and private collections internationally.
TALK · 29 Mar (Sat), 2.00pm-3.30pm, Auditorium, Free.
Registration : 63773 681/2 or

The Photographer's Palette
by Eric Goh
Held in conjunction with the SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002 Exhibition It is sometimes argued that colour  prints, representing  what can be perceived  by the eye, are less impactful than the abstraction of black and white  photography. Eric Goh examines and discusses the amalgamation of key elements  in colour photography and the manipulation of colour interplay to create  and  add poignancy to the works. Eric Goh has been ranked among the
top 25 overseas photographers by the Photographic Society of America. He is regularly  invited  to  lecture on photography and to judge at national and international competitions. He currently also serves as a Resource Panelist (Photography) for the National Arts Council.
TALK · 30 Mar (Sun), 2.00pm-3.30pm, Auditorium, Free.
Registration : 63773 681/2 or

Public Programmes Enquiries and Registration
All  Public  Programmes are on a first-come-first-served basis; free unless otherwise stated.
For  payment, please send crossed cheque made payable to "National Heritage Board". All payments must reach SAM at least one week before the date of the event. No refunds will be made for absentees. Please  indicate  name of participant(s), contact numbers and the event you are registering for on the back of the cheque.

Enquiries / Sign up for mailing list
E-mail :santha or call 6332 3220.
Mailing  address:  Singapore  Art  Museum,  71  Bras  Basah Road, Singapore 189555. (Attn: Santha Anthony)

All  information  is  correct  at  time of release. The museum reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

Source: Singapore Art Museum

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