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     Immigration - News 2003

Expatriates     Employment Pass     Permanent Residence     Student Pass

Seeking Employment     Short-Term Employment     Vehicle Entry Permit



     - New SARS case in Taiwan

     - New EntrePass scheme to attract foreign entrepreneurs

     - Updates on SARS

     - Foreign-registered cars need not have in-vehicle unit from Sep 2003

     - Lifting of SARS Measures from 18 Aug 2003

     - Singaporeans to get visa-free access to China

     - Temperature checks for construction worksites, shipyards & factories

     - WHO removes Singapore from list of areas with local SARS transmission

     - Temperature checks for employees at hotels here

    - New Immigration & Checkpoints Authority replaces SIR on 1 Apr 2004



Singaporeans whose passports lack a machine-readable strip on the page with the holder's picture need to apply for a new passport if they wish to enter the United States without a visa from 1 Oct 2003. All Singapore passports issued here on or after 2 Jan 1991 are machine-readable. But, those who got their passports via Singapore missions overseas before 18 Oct 1999, and children who travel on a parent's passport are affected. Babies must have their own machine-readable passports if they wish to travel visa-free to the US. Since 9 Aug 1999, the US has not required visas for Singaporeans who stay there for less than 90 days, unless they are there to work or study. (Straits Times 12 Sep 2003 H3)

You can now apply online to renew or replace your identity card. The new service commenced on 1 Sep 2003 on Immigration and Checkpoint Authority's (ICA) Web site at Submission of photos and payment are done online. However, you need to collect your new IC personally. (Straits Times 30 Aug 2003 H12)

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