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Demonstrating the new Creative Prodikeys at the PC Show 2002 in Singapore Expo on 6 June 2002


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     Web sites   An anti-spam website, named the "Singapore Anti-Spam Resource Centre", has been launched to provide a central anti-spam repository for the public and industry. This website jointly developed by IDA, Pacific Internet, SingNet, StarHub, CASE, DMAS, SBF and SiTF will provide visitors with general information about spam and resources for combating spam for both individuals and organisations.




Spam Control Bill 2007 passed

"Part I of the Bill defines spam. A message is “spam” when it is an unsolicited commercial electronic message sent more than 100 times, with the same or similar subject-matter, during a 24-hour period, or more than 1,000 times during a 30-day period, or more than 10,000 times during a one-year period...

"An opt-out approach is adopted under the Bill as it balances the need of companies and marketers to send unsolicited messages for business reasons...

"In order to balance between consumer interests and industry needs the Bill will require that each message contains a valid unsubscribe facility, an ‘<ADV>’ label to mark it out as an advertisement, accurate header information or subject titles and functional contact details of the sender...

"The unsubscribe process has been structured to be consumer-friendly so that even individuals who receive small volumes of spam have a means of recourse, without resorting to legal action. The Bill makes it mandatory for senders to allow recipients to unsubscribe via the same medium through which the spam was received. This ensures that unsubscribing from spam can be done easily and conveniently by replying to an email or SMS..."



The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society formed

"A new Council, The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS), will be formed on 1 April 2007 by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), to study the far-reaching social, ethical, legal and regulatory implications of a rapidly growing Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) sector..."



Singapore first country to host Toon Boom Animation Festival

"Singapore will be the first country to host the inaugural Toon Boom Animation Festival, which kicks off on 2 April 2007...
"Free workshops will be conducted by ITE to train students who are not familiar with the Toon Boom software. Said Mr Bruce Poh, Director & CEO, ITE..."



StarHub launches online storage solution for companies

"Targeted at companies and individuals that need to manage numerous large documents and files on a daily basis, StarHub’s OSB lets customers store and back up files safely, send and share information effortlessly and allow multiple users to access documents from their notebook or PC on-the-go, be it text, graphics, presentations, video, voice or any other digital media...
"Price packages for OSB starts as low as S$60 per month for 10GB storage space and five User IDs, and can scale to as high as 2TB (i.e. 2000GB) and up to 1000 User IDs..."



     - Police raid second company using pirated software

     - StarHub first to launch HDTV service in Singapore


2006 survey finds almost nine in ten children aged 10 - 14 years are infocomm users

"Almost nine in ten children (aged 10 to 14 years) use the computer and Internet for communications, learning and play...
"The second highest proportion of Infocomm users are our youth and adults (aged 15 to 59 years), with about seven in ten using the computer and Internet extensively for communications and leisure activities.
"The elderly (aged 60 and above) are also Infocomm users. Three in ten use the computer, while two in ten have accessed the Internet in the past year..."


     - Singapore launches Infocomm Enterprise Programme

     - MDA launches new licence framework for IPTV


     - Police arrest 12 people in island-wide anti-piracy raids

     - M1 launches Singapore’s first true island-wide wireless broadband service


Two Years of Free Wi-Fi for Singapore

"Come 2007, Singaporeans will be ushering the new year with at least 24 months, or two years, of free (basic tier) wireless connectivity at up to 512 kbps speeds almost everywhere - thanks to IDA's 'Wireless@SG' programme...

"The three operators are extending this two-year free offering with unlimited usage to all residents and visitors in Singapore, including tourists and business travellers. The sign-up details will be made known from December 2006 by the operators..."



New Cyber-WatchCentre (CWC) ready by March 2007

"The CWC will monitor cyber-threats to government networks round-the-clock and provide early warning of impending cyber-threats..."


     - Government continues to invest in technology-enabled work environment



Government launches 10-year infocomm masterplan


Create 80,000 additional jobs

Have 90 per cent homes using broadband

Achieve 100 per cent computer ownership for all homes with school-going children


     - Singapore delivers games to Asia's $14billion video game market

     - Singapore takes second place in WEF's Global IT Report

     - Singapore to Have Next Generation Broadband Networks


     - NUS School of Computing holds int'l multimedia conference


Survey shows some companies infringing software copyright law

"...a recent survey highlighted that for small medium enterprises, nearly a third of them are still not fully compliant in the proper usage of software products in their business environment. This could be as a result of the use of illegal software or under-licensing the use of software products...
"The survey also found that among those who were non-compliant, a significant number were smaller companies, averaging ten workstations or less. 47.3% of this group were non-compliant...



     - Legislation against spam to be put in place in Singapore



  American high-tech giant Sun Microsystems said yesterday that it is investing well over S$200 million in Singapore over the next five years in a move that will create about 500 jobs. It is also donating S$200 million of its software to educational centres here. (Straits Times 20 Mar 2003) (A20)