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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 12 February 2004

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Carlsberg Sky Tower opens on Sentosa


Singapore 's tallest public viewing tower opens today, offering panoramic views across Singapore, Sentosa and the Southern Islands.

Operating from 9:00a.m to 9:00pm daily, the Carlsberg Sky Tower has a capacity of 72 in its enclosed, air-conditioned cabin. Each revolving ride, offering what is ‘Probably the Best View of Singapore', will take approximately seven minutes. Day or night, views from the tower promise to be both scenic and breathtaking.

The Carlsberg Sky Tower is developed by Melchers Project Management Pte Ltd, (MPM), a subsidiary of C. Melchers GmbH & Co. It joins 13 other sky towers around the world in offering unsurpassed views of the surrounding scenery.

It is this world-wide attraction that first drew Carlsberg to the project, as it links Singapore to the rest of the world, thereby allowing locals and overseas guests the unique experience and enjoyment gained from both the panoramic 360 degree view and the ride excitement.

Commenting on being part of this $6 million investment, Mr Mervin Sim, Managing Director, Carlsberg Singapore noted, “Carlsberg sees itself as an integral part of the Singapore family, we have been in Singapore for more than 30 years and have been part of the nation's progress. The Carlsberg Sky Tower is but a part of our philosophy of ‘A World of Friends', if by sponsoring this stellar attraction we encourage more of our friends from abroad to come to Singapore, and more Singaporeans to share fun times with friends then it is a success.”

Ideally located adjacent to the Sentosa cable car station, the Carlsberg Sky Tower offers guests an informative commentary on key points of interest and forms a distinctive landmark as it soars above the surrounding natural greenery.

Mr Darrell Metzger, Chief Executive Officer of Sentosa Leisure Group, emphasized, “Sentosa's newest attraction has broad appeal to people of all age groups and offers our guests an interesting perspective from the sky. Even as we roll out our long-term plans to revamp the island, we remain focused on offering new guest experiences every six to eight months. Those who are already familiar with us can look forward to rediscovering new facets of our resort island while first-time guests will have compelling reasons to include us in their itinerary.”

The Carlsberg Sky Tower is the result of close co-operation between Carlsberg Singapore, Sentosa Leisure Group and MPM. It highlights Carlsberg's open approach to working with reputable partners to enhance the communities within which they operate. Rides on the Carlsberg Sky Tower , the tallest publicly accessible structure in Singapore , are available at $10.00 per adult or $6.00 per child under 12. The Tower will also be included in the itinerary of many overseas tour groups.

Source: Sentosa Media Release 12 Feb 2004

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