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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 20 Feb 2006

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instinc presents 'Collaborations'


instinc presents 'Collaborations'

21 Feb ¨C 17 Mar 06

Three artists with very dissimilar styles put aside their egos to come together as one in a body of collaborative works. The process of working together on the same canvas is liberating, to say the least.
Diverse perspectives are explored, brainstormed, and at times, conflicted. With the different dynamics of new thoughts and ideas bouncing off each other, a synergy is also created. There is a sense of freedom in not worrying about ¡®making a mess¡¯ with a work to which an ego is less attached.
The exhibition will showcase three main collaborative collections done in a variety of media, from acrylic on canvas to enamel paint on board:

Exit- Aug 2004
An experimental collaboration between Wyn-Lyn Tan and Yeo Shih Yun, this series of works was first exhibited at Intrude gallery in Melbourne.
The challenge of abstract painting comes from stopping at the height of the painting¡¯s poignancy, from intuitively knowing when enough is enough.
When different painting styles, methods of working and visual expressions of the two artists are deliberately fused together, it is inevitable each will have her own sense of when a painting is complete. But a work cannot be declared finished till both decide to exit from it.
After the last mark is made, we declare that the work is finished and make an exit. An exit isn¡¯t an end. It also signifies a beginning.
Exit is a celebration of stepping out in order to return, of letting go to start anew.
Guinness Works - Dec 2005
Five commissioned artworks were created for a new re-branding campaign for Guinness Draught. The concept was conceived by the creative team at Saatchi & Saatchi, inspired by one of our favourite artists, Jackson Pollock and executed as collaboration between Yeo Shih Yun and Valerie Ng.
The aim of this project was to create a series of paintings that depicted the pouring process of a draught beverage. That is, our abstract interpretation of the pouring, mixing, the surge and settling of liquid forms in a glass/container.
The requirements of colour (black, white and cream), general composition and technique (a drip/pour abstract method using enamel paint on wood) were pre-defined. The challenge then was to create a dynamic flow within the painting as well as a synergy of style between the two artists given all the constraints.
This was achieved with a lot of open communication and experimentation and resulted in nine paintings, out of which five were exhibited at the launch of the campaign and three were made into posters and images used in various print mediums. The remaining four will be on display as part of the Collaborations exhibitions.
Fashion spread set design - Feb 06
A local women¡¯s fashion magazine roped in Valerie Ng, Wyn-Lyn Tan and Yeo Shih Yun to create a spontaneous abstract backdrop to a funky fashion spread. The theme of the spread was expressing oneself through art, and the brief was to create an artistic backdrop to the equally arty couture fashion worn by the models.
The piece was created one-the-spot with enamel and emulsion paint on a large rolled-out backdrop in the photo studio. With time as a constraint, the challenge was to work in synergy¡ªfast. The result? A high energy painting where half the fun was in thinking quickly on our feet.

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